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Lindsay Lohan: Less Therapy, More Shopping!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

So our girl Lindsay’s in rehab, right? Court-ordered rehab till January.  That paints a pretty specific picture for everyone, right?  Like Lindsay is supposed to be up at Betty Ford, going to groups, talking to people, taking smoke breaks, and maybe playing some rummy or dominoes every now and then.  But no.

Lindsay popped on over to the Forever 21 a couple days ago to buy “a leopard sweater, a lot of pajama bottoms, and a ton of socks.” Not only that, but she also goes to Starbucks “all the time.”

Ok, here’s the thing:  no.  Maybe I’ve been listening to Loveline too much lately (which is kind of not my fault.  Nick Swardson was there this week, and he brought Gay Robot, and then it was Halloween and they had a psychic on, and also I have a lot of free time), or maybe I’ve seen too many people go/really need to go to rehab, but this doesn’t sound like a good plan. If a person gets to the point where a judge orders that she spend a couple months in a rehab center, then just maybe that person has a problem.  Maybe that person shouldn’t be let loose in public when she’s displayed a sincere inability to avoid getting wasted and fucking up her life.  Just a thought.

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  • It’s called transition, she’s probably now on a different program not the inpatient one that lasts 30 days, you can’t have them 3 months living inside a bubble and then release them in real life, it has to be a progresive thing.

  • Its actually good that she gets out from rehab for a while for some leisure, it just gives her that break, so that she does not get overwelmed.