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Jo Jo Has Been Twitpicing Naughty Photos Of Herself

Pop Star JoJo Takes Semi-Nudes

Taking semi-nude photos and posting them to the Internet when you’re afraid your star is fading: Is this a “new classic”? It’s like something clicks in the minds of these sorta-sexual people that they may be able to get some extra mileage out of their career if they just strip down to their bra and snap a couple cell phone pics of their goods and personally, I love it. For celebrities, that level of desperation is like an emotional milestone these days.

Anyway, I’m thinking Jo Jo is maybe worried that we don’t care about her, you guys. I care about you, Jo Jo. I’ve seen your pictures. I’ll never not love “Get Out” or the fact that you shot your Cribs episode in Foxborough, MA. Put your shirt back on. You’ve got a lot of years left in you.

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