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Love It or Leave It: Ellen’s Halloween Costume

A photo of Ellen DeGeneres

Get it?  She’s Snooki’s poof! Ellen’s costume is a famous hairstyle, and that’s wonderful.  You can catch this costume on a Halloween-themed episode of Ellen on Friday, but here’s how Ellen explains it:

“That’s Snooki down there,” she says of the doll. “I’m the poof. She’s the actual size. She is that short. I met her in person. I was almost late for the show because I didn’t take in account how long it takes to gym, tan and laundry, everybody.”

I wish more people did this for Halloween.  The thing is, ladies, you can dress slutty and go out and get wasted any day of the year, but Halloween is a special time when you can do creative things like dress up in a hair suit.  Do you know what my costume was last year?  I was a rainbow.  And if you’re worried that you won’t get hit on by drunk dudes if you aren’t a slutty nurse or a sexy cat or something, don’t be – I was just a regular old rainbow and some drunk dude still asked me if he could “have” my body.  So don’t sell yourself short, you guys.  You can be anything you want to be (and if you sincerely want to be a pirate whore or whatever, I’ll love you anyway).

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