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Taylor Swift Has Moved Past John Mayer, Sets Sights on Jake Gyllenhaal

photo of taylor swift and jake gyllenhaal dating apple picking pictures

Now this is a couple I could get behind! And I’m not joking! While I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan (her music is a little bit … young for me), she seems like a level-headed, down-to-earth girl who tries to live her life as normally as possible, while being a crazy, notebook-doodling, romantic fool for love. And you know, I actually think it’s pretty sweet. I mean, she’s like Stevie Nicks. … Just without all of those hard, hard drugs. And all of those hard, hard drugs. Did I mention the drugs?

Anyway, Us magazine has apparently got the scoop on the new relationship, and it’s exactly as schmoopy-lovey as you’d think it’d be, coming from two of Hollywood’s most maternal and paternal young figures. The first date? Apple picking. Yup. Apple picking. And then Jake and Taylor went and helped out at a soup kitchen, adopted a half-blind three-legged dog from their local chapter of the Humane Society and gave it to a terminal cancer patient in a children’s ward, and performed a cabaret version of The Lion King for a local Veteran’s home, all to raucous applause.

I’m kidding about the dog and the Vets, but I’m serious about the apple picking. This is apparently what they did. And you know what? Good for them. I think it’s actually pretty sweet, and I hope that these rumors turn out to be true. Because then, I will probably pay way more attention to Taylor Swift and her doings. And I’m just positive that she’d be thrilled over that.

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  • ughhhh I KNOW you did not just compare Taylor Swift to Stevie Nicks! that girl has probably about 1/80000th of the talent and stage presence that stevie had! I can see where you’re coming from, blond hair, songs about love….. but damn. APPLES AND ORANGES SARAH!

  • Noooooo I love Jake Gyllenhaal! It’s like when you have that crush in third grade, and then you grow up and realize that you never really wanted him anyway, but for some reason whenever a girl kisses them your heart winces a bit.

    Yeaaah. That’s how I feel about Jake.