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The Parents Television Council is Obviously Furious About Those ‘Glee’ Photos

Lea Michelle Spreads Her Legs for GQ

Yesterday I went off about the super gross feelings the Glee spread in GQ made me have, and it’s no surprise that the Parents Television Council is doing the same today. They like, always copy me.

Their official statement on the beyond racy and kinda pedophile-y feeling photos was, “It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way. It borders on pedophilia. By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction. And it isn’t good for families.”

As I pointed out yesterday, since the actors involved in the shoot are all legal, there’s no actual pedophilia going on here… but you guys? That picture up there? That’s a girl in her late teens who plays a girl in her mid-teens on television, spread eagle, with her white panties reflecting off the bench she’s seated on like a freakin’ runway for creeps. So uncomfortable to look at.

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  • In my opinion, that woman in the photo is so clearly not a child. The picture is disgusting because of a woman being objectified so heavily. There is no such thing as “bordering on paedophilia”, but there is a huge difference between youth, as the most obvious representation of nubility, being attractive, and an attraction to children.

  • What C said, Lea is 24. Not even close to teen. Get your facts right. And Dianna Agron is 24 as well. As for Cory Monteith? He’s 28. Nearly 30.

  • Seriously, your site is one of the only ones I frequent that often times seems as though it never checks it’s “facts”.

    Everyone in these pictures are adults, 24 years old or older. Fucking check your information sometimes. Besides, are we really THAT shocked that they played on the school girl fantasy? When Hayden Pannetierre was in GQ she was in her underwear with a with a hoola hoop, wearing pig tails and playing with a teddy bear on a bed wearing an itty bitty nighty? No one threw a fit over that when she was playing a cheerleader on Heroes. Jesus people, get the fuck over it.

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  • She already said she was not underage! Yeah, she said late teens, not 24, but the point remains- this woman is depicting an underage girl in a highly sexual way, she looks like she’s in high school, and that’s weird. She’s sucking on a lollipop and playing with her hair like a twelve year old for fucks sake, and
    I don’t care about her show, it doesn’t matter who she is or how old she is, the fact is this
    shoot sexualizes childish characteristics and that ain’t right

  • Yeah, they are all of age, and no, this isn’t the first time that the “school girl” fantasy has been used in photography/video, but their is definitely something in particular about this shoot that makes my skin crawl. Possibly because it looks like it was shot at the very same set where Glee is filmed? Maybe, in part, it’s because Glee has come to be appreciated as a, granted slightly cheesy, feel-good show. Heroes was much more serious with violent and dark undertones, making Hayden P. (I’m not even going to try to spell her last name,) seem much less naive and child-like. Whatever it is, these photos leave me with a nasty, dirty old man feeling. Bad move on the casts part, I’d say.

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  • These pictures are definitely pornographic in nature. This show is aimed at a preteen and teen demographic. The writer of the show apparently always gravitates to sexualizing a wonderful show. It’s overkill in the sexuality department. This show is good enough to stand on it’s own without dragging it down for his own writer’s neurotic mind.

  • Despite the fact that all three actors are well over 18, these pictures are in bad taste. These actors represent a high school-based show. Celebrities are in way too big of a hurry to sexualize themselves when they are supposed to be role models to the young people who watch their shows (or buy their music). Miley Cyrus, anyone? Britney Spears?
    GQ: Save the school -girl fantasy photo shoots for the porn stars, not the actresses who portray high school students on TV.
    No wonder kids are growing up too fast these days. They can’t even watch a sitcom or family show anymore without hearing about sex. It’s ridiculous.
    Maria, I agree with you. Glee is such a good show without having to drag it down with sex, sex, and more sex. I’ve had to ban my kids from watching it anymore. They really liked the music and singing in it. It’s a shame.

  • It’s funny – I wonder if this wasn’t made such a big fuss over how many of the “kids” and “families” who watch the show would not have realized that these pictures are appearing in a men’s magazine and had access to them.

    The actors are old enough to make their own choices. Was it in poor taste? In my opinion, yes. But the magazine isn’t for the families and kids who watch the show. It’s for THEIR demographic.

  • How about is we brainscan everyone to find out if they harbor teen lust, then take them out behind the barn and shoot them. Oh wait, the barn isn’t large enough. Time to go to Home Depot, or is it Deep Homo. Oh, never mind, whatever.

  • Surprise, surprise. The Parents Television Council is comprised of stiff upper lipped, conservative religious fanatics.
    In response to Maria, yes the show is aimed at a teenage demographic, but GQ is not.
    Perhaps the actresses feel they need to let off some steam after portraying, and therefore probably being treated in real life, as squeeky clean teenagers.
    Seriously, everyone out there who is getting riled up over a couple of provocative photos needs to get out and live a little.

  • Maybe no one made a stink about Hayden because Hayden isn’t on a show that targets viewers in middle and high school.

  • I don’t know if any of you guys watch the show or not, but it is clearly not aimed at pre-teens. Its rated TV-14 and its on Fox. Some of the topics on Glee are fairly heavy and some moments slightly dark. I would hope parents are more watchful of their young children that they’re not sneaking off, watching Glee and reading GQ.

    I also agree with the poster above, if these pictures weren’t made such a big deal, would all of these little kids whose eye’s are being burned by these picture, even know they exist?

  • Seriously that photo really draws your eye straight to her panties. I don’t even know what the rest of the photo looks like because it does this so well.

    Try to not take your eyes off her head, it’s impossible. Your eyes will be fighting to move down to her panties.

    Not really the a flattering photo for her, nothing she can look back on feeling to proud about. She is just a sexual prop no more or less.

  • Took the words right out of my mouth… I wish the “writers” on this site would start to research before they post. I miss the old days when EvilBeet was at it’s prime!

  • Lea Michele made her Broadway lead debut in Spring Awakening, a play that sings songs like, “Totally Fu**ed” and “The B*tch of Living.” It is a play about a group of teenagers and their sexual awakenings, and Lea appeared completely nude on stage when she was 19 years old.
    The body isn’t something to be afraid of. She is an actress and will do what it takes to get paid. Get over it!

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