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X-Tina Broke Off Her Marriage to Date Samantha Ronson?

photo of christina aguilera buttcheeks hanging out pictures

Um, yup, according to X17, this is supposed to be the truth and the gals are already vacationing together. Remember when we claimed that Christina’s main reason behind splitting with Jordan Bratman was because she liked hooking up with other women on the not-so-sly? Turns out Samantha Ronson was one of those women.

From a source inside X17:

Ever since Samantha went to Cabo with Xtina, “the two have been inseparable,” says our source. “I’ve seen them hanging out together. Christina Aguilera really lets down her guard around Sam. They’re very comfortable with each other.”

The pop star was even seen leaving Sam’s place late at night earlier this week AND she stopped by The Roxy on Sunday to see her new favorite DJ spin.

Also, Samantha, who never appeared to be all that happy with ex-girlfriend Lindsay, is said to be happier than ever because Christina’s pretty low-key and drama-free:

“Our source also reveals that the twosome’s relationship is nothing like the one Samantha had with Lindsay Lohan. “Their relationship is different because Christina doesn’t create the kind of drama that Lindsay did.”

So what do you guys think? I mean, totally put aside the fact that Christina would probably never mess with someone who was up close and personal with Lindsay Lohan’s spotty vagina. Believable?

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  • Doesn’t this idiot have a child? What the hell happened to it? Or am I imaging it… guess its awesome to have kids raised by a nanny, anyone who gets paid to rear children generally does a better job I suppose.

    This story is gross because Sam Ronson is grody.

  • If true, what is the damn fascination with Sam Ronson? I mean, she’s not that attractive. Does she have big thumbs or something?

  • i dunno – i’m a girl + samantha is attractive to me. in a way she is like a skinny fem-boy + a boyish girl. a good mix of either or :)

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