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When 50 Cent Said To Kill Yourself If You Don’t Love Vagina, He Didn’t Mean It in an Anti-Gay Way

The above Tweet was posted by 50 Cent to his prolific Twitter account the other night and now the rapper is making statements about how the remark was in no way intended to be anti-gay.

Here’s his apology, as he posted it on his Twitter page:

It pains me to admit that I even understand his ignorant-ass point, but I can totally see how a person who’s used to speaking like this would not understand that his remarks would be perceived as homophobic. It’s also clear that 50 doesn’t realize that his constant talk about getting blow jobs comes off as generally ignorant and so it seems safe to assume that he’s probably a gay-bashing, head-receiving moron. And he probably doesn’t realize that we can’t forget that the ever-homophobic Eminem was the man to discover 50 and put his name on the map.

The problem here is partially 50 Cent, sure. But also, like… What do we expect from this dude? Mental clarity? Fairness? Reason? We made this dude a star when he was talking like this to a beat, so why are we acting so offended now?

If you think you’re going to get that out of a dude who thinks “LOL” is a magic eraser and who regularly Tweets about his penis being in someone’s mouth, yeah… like, maybe you should kill yourself.

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  • This political correctness has gone too far. Now we heterosexuals can’t talk about how we love sex with the opposite sex because gays will get offended? It is not the responsibility of hetros to promote the gay lifestyle or make gays feel good about themselves. Note to all gays: Heterosex is the reason ur here and we have the right to be proud of it and to enjoy it!!!!!!

  • How is that tweet anti-gay? Maybe 50c forgot to add “hetero” to the statement… but it’s true!

    If you’re a hetero man and you don’t eat p+ssy you are a shame as a lover! :D

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