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Tyra Banks Thinks It’s OK to Accessorize Like This

A photo of Tyra Banks

This is a photo of Tyra Banks.  Do you see those people behind her?  That’s the public.  She wore some damn fishnet over her head in public – to the 90th anniversary party for French Vogue, no less.  I bet she was super smug with herself while she was getting ready for this event, like she just grabbed up some of those super cheap stockings in those quarter machine capsules and when she got home she had a stroke of “genius” and made a mask, just like some small children playing Cops and Robbers with only their mother’s fetish wear to use for accessories.  But wait!  It wouldn’t be fair for me to bet on that, because I already know that’s what happened:

Banks didn’t get the look through an avant-garde designer. “It’s homemade,” she Tweeted.

After fans incorrectly guessed that the mask was underwear, a hair net, curtains and a “wig cap,” Banks explained, “mask is [some] cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y’all.”

Banks added: “[I] did my own hair n makeup.”

Tyra, I love you.  I really, really do.  I still watch America’s Next Top Model, I still get excited when your episodes of Fresh Prince come on, and I still feel compelled to buy Cover Girl products because that mascara just looked so pretty when you wore it and smiled with your eyes.  But at this point, I love you like I love Seamus, the man that fell out of a second story window when he was a child and now spends his days riding around town on his bicycle – I think that you’re really a good person with great intentions, but every time I see you, I can’t help but think “there is no way that this person is completely there.”

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  • Well the reason she wore that was because it was for Vogue’s 90th anniversary and it was a masked ball. Had you done any journalistic research, you would have realized that.

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