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Quotables: Tom Felton on Crazy Draco Malfoy Fans

“I’ve had requests for adoption.  In America, a man changed his name legally to Lucius Malfoy.  [He] showed me the documentation and then sent me documents to disown my parents and move to be with him in the States in his house, which he had named Malfoy Manor.  I kindly rejected that.  That was quite scary.”

Ok, so on one hand, that is pretty creepy, and I understand that.  But on another hand that is much more prominent for me, I really want to see this guy and his house.  He’s probably just some middle-aged crazy renting a little house somewhere out in one of the Dakotas or something, but I’m a dreamer, and I want to believe that a beautiful man who is evil but somehow still likable to many has this huge, ornately decorated home and he just wants his son.

Sometimes I have a problem with the line between fiction and reality.  But you guys remember that time that Draco escaped his evil legacy and got a record deal, right?  I bet Narcissa was so proud.

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