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Snooki Lip Syncs To ‘Sometimes’, I’m Totally Embarrassed To Be Alive

Snooki Singing "Sometimes" By Britney Spears

Snooki (who I believe is staying at The London Hotel in Los Angeles because of those mirrors on the wall behind her, don’taskmehowIknowthat), decided to pass the time by doing a little bit of a lip dub and posting it on YouTube. Because she’s singing along to Britney Spears’ “Sometimes”, there’s a licensing issue and the video can’t be embedded. You can see it right here.  Predictably, the results are somewhat mortifying.

Look, I’m all about the “just a girl and her webcam” thing (uh, hello), but for some reason these types of videos make me stuff my face in a pillow and not come up until I’m sure it’s over. And I kinda sorta love Snooki, ya know?

But don’t take my embarrassment as the final word. Peep the video yourself. If you can manage to survive the first ten seconds, maybe you’ll wind up getting a laugh out of it.

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