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Love It Or Leave It: Kim Kardashian’s Towel Skirt

photo of kim kardashian in a really unfortunate outfit outside of the BBC 1 studio in London

Oh Kim. How the fashion gods are not smiling upon you today. Not even a little bit; not even in jest.

Kim Kardashian was photographed earlier this morning in London at the BBC 1 radio station for a promotional interview.

First of all, while I normally think that Kim is well-dressed and lovely and what not, this skirt that could double for a men’s locker room towel? I fucking hate it. It’s horrible and ugly and all sorts of unflattering. It’s the wrong cut, exposes odd parts of her legs — oh, and is the wrong length, too. Also, the shoes? Didn’t she learn in finishing school that chunky shoes paired with a tight skirt is just criticism waiting to happen?

And I won’t even get started on the cropped, ill-tailored faux blazer paired with a satin (satin?!) exaggerated cowl-neck blouse. Tucked in.

No, no. This entire outfit it all sorts of wrong. Sorry, Kim.

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  • She looks pretty good to me. Sorry she’s not up your dyke alley today. Oh but I forgot, you have to rag on everybody to make yourself feel better.

  • I think she looks good. Only thing questionable is the cut of the jacket. I like he skirt-she’s like all magical big-butt-beetle. In heels.

  • That skirt is hideous. It’s like some theatre curtains opening up for her pussy lips big debut. Except their debut hapened long ago and is the reason we even know she is alive.

  • i hope she reads this comment when she googles herself like the pathetic untalented narcissist she is: GO! AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY nobody smart & free thinking actually likes you.