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Who is the #1 Music Icon of All Time?

You all know that these kinds of lists force me to have mini-mental breakdowns that make me debate the merits of suicide, but the results of CNN’s recent readers poll of the most iconic person in music history isn’t that bad. In fact, I almost maybe even agree with them. Can you freakin’ imagine?

The number one music icon of all time, as voted by those who took the poll at, was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While it’s difficult to say what roll his death had in America coming to realize that his contribution to the world of entertainment is entirely separate from the scandal that surrounded his personal life, I think that it’s an unsurprising and generally fair choice.

The rest of the top five was filled out by The Beatles (of course), Leslie Cheung, Elivs Presley and Bob Marley. I’m particularly proud that the last three made the list, as I feel that they are often overlooked. And while it’s fantastic that the list is about as diverse as it gets when you’re asking the mainstream for their opinion, it’s disappointing that no women were able to crack the top five. Madonna, the obvious choice, came in number six in the poll.

That being said, screw the CNN readers opinions. I want to know who you guys think is the number one music icon of all time. What about Janet Jackson or David Bowie or Sting or Peter Frampton? Mariah Carey? Celine Dion? Fuck it! What about that Lady Gaga you all love so much?

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