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Quotables: Justin Long Will Never Be Over Drew Barrymore

“The truth is, we do love each other. I pray to God she’s always in my life. We were friends before this, and at the heart of what we are and will be is friends. Two good, really dear friends, and that trumps anything else. We’ve been through everything – the whole gamut of the heights of love to the depth of heartbreak. I mean, we’ve been on quite a journey. And the idea that a person that you’re in a relationship with can change you so drastically and have that deep of an effect on your life, just that idea, I mean, what a gift to be able to use that, to be able to create something from it that we can see again.”

Oh, Justin. The saddest little Justin of all time. Can’t you see that Drew-baby’s leading you around by the penis strings*? I think you’re super sweet, and you sound like a really intelligent, well-tuned-in guy. Drew’s awesome, too, and I love her just as much as I do you, just in a different way. But I can just imagine that you’re probably sick of hearing that same phrase every three months, too.

*Really fucking frightening imagery

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