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Levi Johnston Stalked Sandra Bullock, Humiliated Himself at the Teen Choice Awards

Levi Johnston is even more clueless than we thought, guys. According to PopEater, the recently single again Levi was following Sandra Bullock around the Teen Choice Awards all night, thinking that he maybe had a chance to get with the also recently single actress. His behavior was so creepy that multiple people noticed, including Sandra herself.

An insider reported the deets:

“All night long Levi was trying to get close to Sandra. He desperately wanted to get his picture taken with Sandra hoping it would show up on the cover of a magazine or at least be able to meet her in person and give America’s sweetheart his phone number. Sandra was having none of it, telling everyone, ‘Get him away from me.'”

OK, that’s freakin’ humiliating. PopEater went on to say that after he finally clued in to how uncomfortable he was making Sandy, he gave up on her and tried to score pictures with other female celebs, all of whom refused. How strange that a bunch of actually famous people who have worked their whole lives in order to achieve their status don’t want to be associated with the deadbeat who knocked up one of the most hated politicians in America’s teenage daughter!

While Levi’s sole motivation seems to be keeping himself relevant, there’s also a hint of him wanting to hurt the mother of his child and her family in there, too. It’s easy to see why an immature 19 year old would want to get back at the family who put his name in the headlines (supposedly against his will, initially), his repeated attempts to hurt Bristol are such a turn off. It’s like he’s a miniature, talentless Mel Gibson. Or Spencer Pratt, part 2.

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  • OH, finally there is justice in the world. This hillbilly dipshit is literally a worthless piece of trash who’s so dumb he doesn’t even know how to take a whole 25 SECONDS to put on a condom. Finally Sandra and women who aren’t insecure little 16 year olds raised in intellect-shattering communities showed him his place. FINALLY. You’re a worthless dumbass, Levi. Swallow this spoonful of humble pie and change your behavior because this world will (thankfully) eat you alive if you don’t.

  • I had no idea Sarah Palin was one of the most hated politicians in America. I’m sure her many supporters would be surprised to learn that, as well. Although I am not a fan of Palin’s, I am also not a fan of ignorant “writers” presenting as fact their ill-informed political opinions on an entertainment gossip blog.