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Let’s Talk About Eminem’s New Music Video

The music video for “Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem’s song with Rihanna that you’ve probably heard a couple dozen times if you listen to the radio, was released last night, and it’s already got a lot of people up in arms.  The video, which features a relationship between Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan, plus Rihanna singing in front of a burning house and Eminem rapping out in a field, tells the story of your average incredibly toxic abusive relationship:  Megan and Dominic take turns being violent, then they make out, then the cycle repeats.

The worry seems to be that the video will make domestic violence seem sexy, what with Megan Fox being involved and all the intense kisses that happen.  Personally, I don’t get that from the video.  No matter how sexy a kiss is, if it comes after a dude punches a hole in the wall right next to your head, it’s probably not the best plan.  Likewise, no matter how attracted you are to your significant other, if things are so abusive, it’s not going to work out well for anyone, and I think the video makes that extremely clear (spoiler alert:  everyone but Rihanna ends up on fire).

Another worry is Rihanna’s role in the video and the idea that her own history with domestic violence is being exploited. Rihanna disagrees:

“It’s something that, you know, [Eminem and I have] both experienced, you know, on different sides, different ends of the table. It just was authentic. It was real. It was believable for us to do a record like that, but it was also something that needed to be done, and the way he did it was so clever. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence, and it’s something that a lot of people don’t have a lot of insight on, so this song is a really, really powerful song, and it touches a lot of people.”

So what do you guys think?  Do you have a problem with the video and the message it sends or do you think it’s powerful (not caring is an option too)?

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  • Some chicks like the abuse, I suppose Rihanna is in this category. that is how it comes off to me anyway. Whatever. It’s disgusting.

  • Umm the whole song is about how they shouldn’t be together because how horrible they are to each other… listen to the song man.

  • slightly off-topic, but does anyone know the colour nailpolish rihanna is wearing? because it’s astonishing.

    the video is cool. i think it’s pretty accurate looking in that people who get into the cycle of abuse find reasons to stay longer than they should.

  • I just watch/listen to things for entertainment value and do not get ideas or moral from entertainment. I don’t see how things like this influence people.

    • I think it’s the weak minded that are influenced. I mean..I look at this video and I go back to my normal life. Nothing changes. Lol. I don’t get any weird ideas, like…let me get a new man who’ll beat the shit outta me and then make out with me. No…no..thanks. I’ll pass. *sigh*

  • “Fuck you and them loud-ass muthafuckin’ barkin’ dawgs.” Now that’s some fuckin’ Slim Shady.

  • Whatever, who could possibly take this seriously? Rihanna is NOT WEARING PANTS. Any emotion that *might* have been stirred is immediately put back to sleep.

  • Gorgeous and well done, but I pose an alternative. They all just have one giant naked orgy. Who votes for the alternative script? Anybody!?!?

    • Totally with you. That would have been a much more enjoyable video, despite Dominic’s involvement. Ew. And Eminem is kind of old, now.

      Okay, if they cast different guys, but then have an orgy. Sure.

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  • LOL at Rihanna deluding herself that this video will “make a difference” to “violence” and “help people” and “provide insight”.

    Is she seriously that fucking stupid that she thinks a music video will do these things? Or is she saying that to keep the corporate overlords happy?

    Also LOL at Emily for asking us id we think the video is powerful and the effects this will have on people… seriously woman, it’s a freakin music video and I thought you’d be somewhat able to think for yourself.

    It’s disposable trash that’s 3 minutes long and the lack of defined plot and abstract nature of the thing leaves most people just to impose their own values onto what’s happening and hence not change one bit.

    Music videos steering the direction of society… I am sitting here lolling at that.

  • I tried but couldn’t make it. I tried to listen to the whole song and cannot stand anything with (c)rap ….I don’t want to say music cause its not. And that nasal voice is just terrible!

  • I think Emily has a valid point. Obviously this won’t change society, but this does show a vivid pictorial of domestic violence. Of course the video was made for entertainment value, that’s how these people make money. But I do think that the message it sends is about the depravity of domestic violence, not the glory. Which is better than most messages you interpret from music videos.
    And about music videos steering our society, It’s a sadly true fact at this point. Our society is going to hell in a hand basket so to speak.

  • well that is just the way it happens with domistic violence, ive seen it.
    but i didnt find it hot for them to makeout i mean dominic is not really pretty you know so it looks like megan fox whoring it out for what i imagine was a deadringer for her past boyfriends, as in trailer-trash assholes…

  • So, domestic violence can be way, way worse than this, obviously. And it’s automatically worse when it involves children, since they do not even theoretically have the right to leave whenever they want.

    That said, this level of domestic violence (both with respect to one another and to their possessions) is disgusting and, for me, was difficult to watch. Thankfully, I could turn off the volume when Eminem was talking — excuse me, rapping. Rihanna’s part of the song was really enjoyable. I look forward to a remix of this that excludes Eminem’s portion entirely, leaving only the music.

  • The shoplifting in the video was not necessary, either, except to illustrate that they behaved like garbage in other areas of their lives. But not as bad as the domestic violence, of course.

  • I think the video rocks. Its my favorite song on the whole CD and I’m so happy Eminem has made such a great comeback!

  • i used to have that kind of relationship with my ex, ended up cheating on him after 6 years of violence.. now its all over but it destroyed me i feel dirty ugly used and the worst part is that I still love him

  • I’m already an emotional person to begin with so when I watched it I actually had a couple of tears in my eyes. It’s majorly sad, I got that they are addicted to one another.


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