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Robyn’s New Video

I was thinking about something as I watched this video: Robyn has been making music since I was in middle school. And not just music, like… she makes really solid, good pop music. Example 1: ‘Show Me Love’. Example 2: ‘Handle Me’. Example 3: ‘Dancing on My Own’. OK? Suck it. She’s really good. So why isn’t she more popular? And don’t tell me it’s because she’s not as hot as Britney in her prime or something because neither Gaga or Clarkson has ever really been all that and a bag of chips.

Check out Robyn’s new video for ‘Hang With Me’ and if you like it, tell your friends. This chick deserves to be more popular, guys. Let’s make it happen.

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  • She’s pretty big in Sweden maybe its because shes swedish…most big artists in the US are not from a foreign country (except maybe the uk). I think I remember her saying something in an interview about not wanting to be big in the US. I don’t think she cares about fame or money she just wants to do the music she wants, I think she owns her own label now that she releases her albums from so I guess shes pretty much in control herself. I can understand since she became fanous at such a young age and toured faraway from home that she now wants to stay closer to home. She is indeed very good, I saw her live last week, the show was amazing, the concert felt like a big party, she really is great.