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Girl, My Grandma’s Gonna Be So Pissed When She Finds Out You Stole Her Dress

So, Jen. We meet again! What’s new, how are you, that’s just great. How’d that whole housewife-cum-prostitute movie work out? You know, I really really meant to watch it, but I had some serious episodes of 24 season 2 to catch up on. Oh, yeah, that and the movie was on Lifetime, and unless it’s Christmastime, I have a serious aversion to anything on that wretched channel.

What can I say — I’m a sucker for Holiday in Handcuffs seventeen times in seventeen days.

And isn’t Kathy Ireland or something big with Lifetime? Is that who designed your dress? Or maybe, you know, it was Alfred Dunner. He’s big in geriatric circles, I’ve heard. Either way, take cover. My grandma’s on her way, she doesn’t remember things all that well, and she’s pissed. Take cover, woman!

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  • I admit without shame that I loved that Holiday in Handcuffs movie. Well, maybe a little shame. J.Lo#2’s dress isn’t that bad, though. Well, maybe a little bad.

  • Sara don’t be an ass!!! Nothing the matter with the dress. She looks good. Very summery. As for the movie……it was fine.

  • Sarah, the only thing this posting accomplished was making you seem bitchy and rude. Nothing came off as clever or creative, just hostile for no reason. I normally enjoy your humor but was unable to find any in this piece. Better luck next time darlin’.

  • Wow, you’re almost a good of a blogger as Perez Hilton. You’re certainly stealing his style.