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Oksana REALLY Wanted Those Tapes Out There

The woman who’s had Mel Gibson by the balls for the last couple of weeks, Oksana Grigorieva, apparently paid a huge price to do so. According to a source, Mel offered Oksana a cool fifteen million to keep the tapes under wraps. But in a world where Tiger Woods is paying several times that to shut up his women, Oksana didn’t take the money. Instead, she’s been ruining his life and we’ve been loving every second of it.

From NY Daily News:

Oksana Grigorieva tentatively agreed to Gibson’s offer in exchange for keeping damaging tapes of his meltdowns confidential, but ultimately chose to preserve her leverage, the source said.

“She was adamant she was being coerced,” the source told the Daily News.

Fifteen million is a pretty paycheck and I doubt she going to get more money than that from all of this in the long run. I feel like Oksana took a huge hit financially to ensure that her ex’s life was ruined, which in a way is pretty respectable.

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  • Mel’s main problem with Oksana was not using a condom and getting her pregnant. She already did the golddigger routine with Timothy Dalton and found another sap in Mel Gibson.

  • She is a dumbass hoe. She shoulda takin the 15 mil-for herself. Shes not personally entitled to any money from him, only for her kid in the form of child support. And shes gonna get less of that by affecting his future earnings. Keeping him on her good side is what any smart gold digger would of done, unless she plans to go the book/reality route. That won’t last because this slut has 0 likability or appeal.

  • If he hit her or her child, why didn’t she report it to the police? I don’t see any proof that he hit her or the child. All I hear is a man who has been pushed to the edge and with his mental illness and alcohol problems, he used some pretty horrendous words. Words don’t physically hurt you. The police haven’t arrested him because none of what he said can be used as the type of threats they arrest you for. I think he needs help. Charlie Sheen put a knife to his wife’s throat yet no one says he career is over, in fact, the ratings for his show went up! And, he has yet to serve any jail time or parole!!!
    Why are folks saying Mel’s career is over? It’s the good old ‘guilty until proven innocent (or insane and in need of meds)’.

  • This chick is gonna get paid because of the child no matter what. Mel has so much dough from his decades long career that most us normal people could life comfortably off the interest from his pocket change. By the time the sh*t hit the fan in this relationship, it was not all about money with Oksana. She knew what Mel had become and had the tapes to prove it. Plus she was mad at him. She was tired of playing along and wanted to hit him where it hurt — in what is left of his reputation. Obviously, this was planned for quite a while. Seriously, who tapes their phone conversations? But this woman wanted revenge and planned her exit strategy. Who knows how this will end but Oksana decided she was not gonna be a quiet little Russian doormat so she told Mel to shove his 15 mil up his misogynist ass.

    • I hate my typos. I meant “live” comfortably not “life.” If there are more typos…well, sorry.

  • Oksana is a sick money hungry sociopath. Nothing will ever change my mind. In the beginning, I was actually for her! With all of her lies and continued pleading for money, I don’t get how she can sit back and defend herself by saying “I never wanted Mel’s money”. Ok, so then what is this all about? Why not just go to the police and quietly defend your rights against supposed domestic violence as well as protect your child. You fought instead to get attorneys that would negotiate your millions and then realized that a trustee would hold most of the money for your baby and you couldn’t touch it. Then you no doubt thought you could get more as attorneys felt that Gibson would settle! Nope….he will fight and I hope and pray he continues to expose who you are.

  • She is a gold digger plain and simple. Period. I was all for her in the beginning, but then she kept chasing the money. I don’t believe her comment “I didn’t want Mel Gibson’s money” because that is all she has been chasing since April. I mean, give me a break. It is so obvious. This chick just wants the dough and no doubt is using and has used a baby to get it. She had this planned it is easy to see. I think she now believes her own lies and changing stories. Believe me, this is NOT a domestic violence victim. She would like for us to think she is, but I’d say she is a manipulative sociopath that loves this attention, but is a bit worried that she might get caught in her crime of extortion. I pray she does. Send her back to Russia, if they will even have her and give her son to Dalton and her daughter to the Gibson family. At least they have maintained a good stable family in the middle of a phony city.