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How’s That Photoshop Job Treating You, Mischa?

Mischa Barton’s new campaign for Phillip Plein seems more like an advertisement for the ego-saving computer program, Photoshop. Sure, sure. You’d have to search far and wide for an original image of this nature, but when retouching is taken to this level, it begs the question, “Do you think we’re all a bunch of fucking idiots?”

Between the waist, the legs and the flawless face, I know that that ain’t no Mischa Barton I’m looking at. That’s a cartoon. In a world where no one’s unaware of photo retouching, I’m not sure why it is that the people who edit these things take them to such extremes. If I were the kind of person to buy something because a celebrity I liked used the product, then I’d want to make sure that someone who actually looks like the celebrity I like was selling it, not a plastic doll-looking version of them.

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  • kinda makes you wonder why they use people for models at all? why not just stick a bunch of body parts from various celebrities together and voila — you only have to pay the photoshop guy and not a model.

  • As far as Photoshop jobs go that really isn’t too bad. They’ve whitened her complexion and cleaned her up a bit, but take a look at the recent Pamela Anderson PETA advert for an extreme example.

  • eh? an ad for photoshp? she looks awful
    if thats the best the photoshop tecs can do, they should get fired!