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Kathy Griffin’s Video Response to the Reunion of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

I never really followed Griffin too much, but this was way too good to pass up. I love her (clearly staged) reaction to finding out that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, daughter of “hopey-changey” Sarah Palin, are back to knockin’ boots.

Hey — at least she’s legal now, right?

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  • I love Kathy Griffin. She’s ballsy, she’s funny, and she actually does quite a bit of human rights work. Even before she started doing “My Life On The D-List” she was doing annual Christmas parties with a Toys-For-Tots drive to get celebrities to donate, as well as what she does for the USO and Gay Rights. She’s also extremely honest with what cosmetic work she’s had done, and about what happens when it goes wrong.

    I was actually wondering how she’d react as soon as I read Levi and Bristol were back together.

    • Charles Manson also supported the Make a Wish Foundation. Is he cool, too? Go choke on a tampon.

  • evilbeetdouche (clearly you are a douche): I don’t know where you got that info about C.M. (unless you’re kidding which just means you have a reeeeeeally bad sense of humor) but Kathy Griffin isn’t a fucking sociopath or murderer and she DOES do a lot of good and doesn’t give a fuck what people like you think. I think YOU should choke on a tampon and then shove a douche nozzle up your fucking asshole.