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Here’s a Fun Game: WTF Does Mischa Barton’s Shirt Say??

Mischa was snapped by photogs at the Nice airport with her boyfriend, Alexander, in a T-shirt that says “shit” a couple times, but I can’t quite tell in what context. This is because her ridiculously long blonde extensions cover most of the words. What’s the point of wearing a statement tee if no one can tell what the statement is, Mischa?

P.S. Love the shoes!

P.P.S. Is that really what you’re gonna wear on the airplane? I’m always puzzled when I pass girls in an airport terminal wearing super-tight jeans or miniskirts or pounds of jewelry. Like, really? I get that looking good is really, really important to you, but you are going to have to sit in that thing for hours. Do you not own a single pair of butt-clinging sweatpants that would suffice?

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