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American Hero Kelly Rowland Speaks Out About Her Brave Decision To Get Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child, just did an interview with BBC radio about her breast implants that is hilarious. According to Kelly, her surgery was an act of bravery that took ten years for her to go through with. Because she’s waited so long for the enhancement, she was, in a way, fulfilling some sort of dream.

Kelly said:

“When I initially thought about that, I was 17 years old. That’s a ridiculous age to make a decision to do something different to your body. For me, it was waiting. That’s the message I actually had to say. When people found out about it, one person asked me and I just couldn’t lie. I didn’t feel the reason to lie. I’m really proud of myself that I waited. That’s 10 years I waited. That’s 10 years I was like, ‘I hate this top. It does not fit. I hate this top.”

Uh, OK. Well, I’m glad you feel better about yourself?

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  • Way to send mixed messages. You criticize women who have obvious, awful plastic surgery, or complain that people rush into a proceedure without thinking of the post-operative consequences. Kelly has avoided both categories, yet you’re railing on her for the fact that she put up with a poor self-image for alot of her life, and took the time to make sure plastic surgery was right for her?

    You’re.. I won’t even be rude and say what I think you are. But way to support other women, dude. JFC, you have issues.

  • Ah come on now, Molls was just making the point that she essentially criticizes women who wait around for as long as she did to have plastic surgery and women who have small breasts by talking about how difficult it is to be a member of the itty bitty titty committee and then in the same breath assures us that we should be amazed by her new boobs (whom she probably named “shock and awe”!) and applaud her on her new hotness!

    I’m sick of this double standard of women who want other women to applaud them for not getting plastic surgery and being natural, up until the point that the tits start to drop and then they get a repair job done.

    Also Molls, I only realised how attractive, fabulous and attractive you were, rock on my child!

    And haters goin’ hate! :P

    • Wow, you must come from the Northwest if you think she’s hot, because Molls is beat and fat. She’ll be what we call The Minivan Majority once she gets knocked up. I like how the author’s picture is next to the article picture in this layout; it’s easier to compare them when the authors call another woman ugly. Once upon a time when there were only avatars and not profile pictures, this crew used to bash other girls for their appearances, but now that we can call out the writers for their stupidity, I predict alot of celebashing will turn into ass-kissing.

      • Yes, the Northwest. Roll call: South has the hottest blonde, tan girls; Northeast has smokin’ blue eyed, black haired girls; the Midwest and Southwest have more tanned, and blonde beauties (the ones who aren’t Mexican); same with Cali.

        Missing? The Northwest; fat, pasty, frizzy haired girls. The constant rain makes them stay inside, eat alot, and the humidity is just murder on hair. So, Northwest = ugly chicks. It’s a proven fact – just look at the.

  • Ugh, breast implants. No matter how much people try and justify getting them, they just scream ‘porn’ to me.

    • That’s because you are close minded. You probably judge every single person who has breast implants. Don’t throw all women who have implants into the same category. SOME women, get implants because they may have had cancer and would like to feel feminine again. UGH you just remind me of the bitter betty Molls.

  • Anyone else notice the similarity between Kelly Rowland’s outfit and the one Katy Perry is wearing in just a couple of posts above?

  • the only thing i ave to say the bible said we must not add nor take off our body she is in trouble with god he made her that way thats the way she should stay these comments dont make any sense god is not takin that thou inexcusable o man after that thing she put there might eat away the cells in her breast and cause her health issues even death

  • wonderfull
    she was flatland!!!! she has no breasts.
    i think a woman without breast should feel horrible. she was like a boy and she still showed confidence on stage and videos.

    she’s a brave woman and i’m glad she fells like a woman now.

    stop judging people without knowledge.

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