Today's Evil Beet Gossip

In Other News …

Oh, John Mayer. Are you ever going to realize that you’re just. not. funny? [Celebslam]

Jason Bateman’s still talking about his iPhone debacle, because it’s his only claim to fame as of late. [popbytes]

OMFG, I just pissed myself: Stephen King’s It and Pet Sematary are gonna be remade. [Dies] [Pajiba]

M. Night Shyamalan should stick to his creepy movies, ’cause I just fucking knew Airbender was going to suck big alien balls. [Celebitchy]

Khloe Kardashian’s married to the Candyman. Remember that creepy fucker? [Amy Grindhouse]

What’s up with the fascination of Justin Bieber … farting? [CityRag]

Ha! This is the chick that’s bringing bang allegations against Al “Save the Planet” Gore? [Pop on the Pop]

Lots of rape and assault in this week’s True Blood. Is it getting kind of old for you, too? [Zelda Lily]

LOL — Liza Minelli has a fashion line. Who’s next, Lady Gaga? [OMGBlog]

The most expensive celebrity divorce ever: Elin Nordegren v. Tiger Woods. You go, girl. [Celebrity Smack Blog]

Megan Fox wants to “bring back” the corset. Excuse me while I go snort myself into oblivion. [Betty Confidential]