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Tennis Star Jennifer Capriati Overdoses in Florida

picture of tennis star jennifer capriati on the tennis court

The “Can’t Miss Kid,” Jennifer Capriati, was rushed to a hospital in Florida this morning for what was said to be a drug overdose.

Capriati, though excellent on the tennis court, has had a long history of what some would consider “bad behavior.” At a young age, Jennifer was caught shoplifting, and subsequently admitted to drug abuse, eating disorders and thoughts of suicide. Capriati discussed her binge-eating and starvation, claiming that she did, indeed, want to kill herself at a point in time:

“When I looked in the mirror I actually saw this distorted image … I was so ugly and fat I just wanted to kill myself really. At the end of a match, I couldn’t wait to get off court. Mentally, I’d just lost it. I wasn’t happy with myself, my tennis, my life, my coaches, my friends.”

It just goes to show you — money and fame can’t buy you true happiness. Be thankful for what you do have, and good luck to Jennifer and her family. The tennis star’s father says that she’s recovering nicely from the episode, but it’s going to be a long road to real recovery, if indeed this wasn’t an accident.

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