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Breaking News: People With Tons Of Money Do Crazy Things

A photo of Michael Jackson

How much would you pay for Michael Jackson’s sparkly glove?  Maybe you’re like me and you wouldn’t pay anything for it because that’s just not your scene, or maybe you’re more like Wanda Kelley, the woman who paid $190,000 for it.

The glove was the most prized item at the auction of MJ’s memorabilia that took place this weekend, but there were a few other popular pieces.  There was a custom jacket he wore during at interview that went for $120,000, a pair of loafers he wore on stage that sold for $90,000, and an autograph Michael gave on the day before he died that went for $18,750.

Like I said, I certainly wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on gloves or shoes (even if I did have the money) to commemorate Michael Jackson.  For one, I’m not a huge fan (no disrespect intended, I just never got that into him).  For two, I would much rather listen to two of my favorite boys with guitars, James Morrison and Jay Brannan, cover one of my favorite MJ songs, “Man in the Mirror.”

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  • At the end of the day that stuff is just STUFF. Yeah it would be cool to have some of that memorabilia, but after that 190 grand you're still just holding a THING.

  • “For one, I’m not a huge fan (no disrespect intended, I just never got that into him)”.

    Don't think you should apologise or say you didn't mean to disrespect him. I mean, yes he is dead and yes he was very important for music and for a lot of people, but at the end of the day he was a musician and tastes in music are really subjective: you might or might not like MJ – and that's no disrespect to anyone, it just means you never liked his music.

  • ok so you don't like him great that's your choice, but why waste your time posting a comment on someone you hated. beat it

  • honestly, it's probably a good investment piece. it has only been a year and it will probably be worth a ton more in years to come

  • Uhm, because this is a gossip blog which covers current news, so they have to talk about him. Don't really think ignoring everything Jackson-related is a good business move, do you?