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In Other News …

Move the fuck over, Kim Kardashian … A new raven-haired exotic is on her way up. [Celebslam]

Kate Gosselin is disgusting. And so is her plastic surgeon, er, I’m sorry, “aesthetician.” [popbytes]

Check out the Grown Ups review. I think it looks pretty funny. [Pajiba]

Fergie going to quit the Black Eyed Peas ’cause is a diva bitch. [Celebitchy]

Miley Cyrus thinks crotch-shots are OK. [Amy Grindhouse]

If Justin Bieber’s mother poses for Playboy, I’m probably going to kill myself. I’m just sayin’. [Betty Confidential]

Aww, Kesha has cute nipples! Now I want to go and strangle cuddle a puppy. [Cityrag]

Alicia Keys has the most adorable baby bump in history. [Pop on the Pop]

Northern Exposure‘s Janine Turner (… do you even remember that show?) goes all political on our asses. Fuck it. She’s still hot. [Zelda Lily]

The Scissor Sisters are officially back. [OMGBlog]

Please, please don’t tell me that Britney’s getting back together with Adnan Ghalib. I haven’t even had dinner yet. [Celebrity Smack Blog]

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  • Yeah, sure, Kate G. is disgusting because she got a bad botox job. So sorry she couldn't please you enough by successfully zapping years of aging off her face!

    Maybe next time it will go better, you know, so people like you won't hurt your eyes by looking at anyone older than 18.

  • That review of Grown Ups is a negative review. But way to really emphasize the fact that you have no sense of humor and no sense of taste.