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Lady Gaga Was Banned From The Yankee Clubhouse For Being a Drunk Mess

Lady Gaga Kicked Out of Yankee Stadium

God bless crazy women with drinking problems, am I right?

Yesterday Lady Gaga smooth talked her way into the Yankee’s clubhouse after the team lost to the Mets. Even though she was practically naked in her underwear and open jersey, the singer couldn’t help but repeatedly feel herself up in front of the players and others associated with the team. While it wouldn’t exactly shock me to hear about Miss. Gaga acting lewd in public completely sober, she happened to be totally freakin’ wasted on a combo of Jameson and cheap stadium beers. That’s my girl.

Once her presence was made clear to club president Randy Levine and the Yanks’ general manager, Gaga and the girlfriend she was with were asked to leave. Forever.

A lot of people are giving LG a hard time over her frequent boozing, but I say that as long as she’s having fun, 24 years old and rich, she should be pounding down those drinks and feeling herself up all she wants. There’s nothing wrong with having too much fun.

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  • Yeah, what the heck — let her have all the fun she wants – why not let her come down to the dugout and take a dump in the Gatorade cooler, too? Steinbrenner doesn't take any B.S. from his managers, coachers, or players, so you can be pretty sure he's not going to take it from any spectators, especially an overly privileged, style-over-substance, no-class, no talent pig like Lady Gag-My-Throat. Can't wait until her career goes completely the way of the T-Rex.

  • She's gross and overexposed. I wish she'll go away already, and take Justin Bieber with her.

  • she's an idiot…the “look at me i'm a rebel rockstar” look is old and tired. not to speak of the fact that if the average Joe tried to go to a Yankee game in their bra and panties, they'd be denied access and possibly arrested (at the very least for being drunk in public). this is just another shining example of how celebrities don't have to obey or play by ther rules of society. what crap!

  • LOL…. just look at how freakin' stupid she really is! Really… you ever wondered why she covers her face with all that garb? She's U-G-L-Y. I've never seen anyone who craves attention like this twit does. Lets all hope her 15 mins are coming to an end

  • Well, some people may not be comfortable around a drunken lush that is feeling herself up, she should have a party at her house if thats what she wants to do..not out in the public…