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Gosh, I Can’t Imagine Why Chris Klein Would Drink!

Chris Klein Arrested For Second DUi

Very successful film actor and burgeoning theater nerd Chris Klein was arrested in L.A. this morning on the 101 freeway for driving under the influence. Chris blew a .20 on his breathalyzer test and the legal limit in California is less than half of that, .08. This is the second DUI for Chris in the past six years, and while that’s not exactly Lohan-status, it doesn’t look good either.

Chris wasn’t just putting himself and every other person on the freeway in danger, either. The cops found Chris’ dogs in the car with him, and unlike their owner, they’ve already been released. Chris’ $25,000 bail still hasn’t been posted at the time this was published.

So what’s Chris’ deal? I’ve heard for years that he’s been a different person since his split with Katie Holmes and that whole Mamma Mia thing was certainly odd… I’m thinking this is all leading up to some big reveal.

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