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Bam Margera Overcomes Adversity, Has A Couple Staples in His Head

A photo of Bam Margera

TMZ had a chat with Bam about the whole assault by baseball bat thing, and he shed some light on what caused the incident. Apparently the woman who hit him “lives connected” to his bar, and this isn’t the first time she’s taken issue with him.  As Bam says,

“She calls the police nonstop.  She’s punched me in the face, filed a police report.  And then she’s threatened to kill me twice, filed two police reports.  She threatened to kill Missy, my wife, for no reason, and then she threatened to burn the place down and then she hit me over the head with a baseball bat.”

After she did that last part, Bam says she called the police and told them that he was hit by a car, but when he regained consciousness, he set that straight real quick.

As for his condition, he says he was “internally bleeding in the brain for two days,” and he has several staples that seem to be holding his scalp together.  He left the hospital to fly to L.A. so he could film the opener to Jackass 3, which was supposed to be each cast member being punched in the face and filmed in slow motion.  Way to fuck up some plans, crazy woman.  And, you know, I guess for almost killing someone as well.

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  • He goes from being in intensive care to getting puched in the face? This guy is an idiot. Didn't deserve to be harmed obviously, but considering the staple situation, should not be volunteering to get punched in the face.

  • It's not summarized very well here. The TMZ report states that they had to rewrite his part in the opener because of this injury. The original called for him to be hit in the head or face.

  • I dunno what happened and I really don't care but my friends & I are playing a show at 'The Note' at the end of July and I better not get hit with a bat or slammed in the spleen with a shopping cart. Just sayin'.