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Is Anyone Else Watching Treme Besides Me?

John Goodman photographed at AFI awards

‘Cause John Goodman is in it, and it’s totally the best he’s looked in, well, ever.

I’ve always been pretty hardcore about Goodman. When I was younger, I was a big Roseanne fan, though my parents didn’t want me watching it; they thought it was improper for a child of a young age, but faithfully, every week, both my mother and father tuned in at 9 PM after I was “put to bed.” What they didn’t know was that I’d always sneak out of bed and make my way to the open staircase we had in the house of my childhood. I’d always sit at the very top step, peering over the railing in an effort to catch a glimpse of Darlene, who was my idol and my favorite at the time.

Whether or not my parents knew that I was watching is unknown. They’re coming over for dinner tonight, so I’ll have to ask them since we’re on topic today.

But anyway, John Goodman is starring in HBO’s Treme a series about my favorite place on earth, New Orleans. It’s based on the events of Hurricane Katrina, the rebuilding effort and the first Mardi Gras after the storm, which, incidentally, I attended.

The show is amazing. It was done by the creator of The Wire, which is a favorite of my brother’s, and he was actually the one who turned me onto the show. He doesn’t watch it himself, but knew that I’d be all about it since it took place in NOLA.

John Goodman’s not the only fabulous star in the show; Steve Zahn, who is amazing, plays the part of a kooky musician and other names of notoriety are Khandi Alexander, Wendell Pierce and one of my favorite local musicians, Kermit Ruffins. It’s a great cast and a great show and clearly, Goodman’s riding the tailcoats of success and happiness because he looks fantastic as of late.

John was recently photographed at last night’s AFI Tribute to Mike Nichols. He’s lost a lot of weight, looks a lot healthier than he has in the past and is clearly stoked about being America’s Favorite Dad once again.

Good on you, John, and I can’t wait to see more of you on the next season of Treme.

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  • Sarah, I totally agree that Roseanne was a great show; however, I am gonna have to disagree with you that this is the best Goodman has ever looked. His face looks like a flat tire! Goodman has always been one of those super fat dudes that somehow pulls it off and still looks good, but it seems as if those days have sailed away for him!

  • I watched the premiere and that was it. Maybe later episodes were better, but I felt like the premier was SOOO drawn out and slow moving….kinda dull :-/. WANTED to like it.

  • I kind of half agree with you, Reno; that was my initial reaction, but actually I'm relieved to see him looking healthier, because I love him.

  • Yes! I looove Treme, I thought I was the only one watching it – so many great characters…Davis, Ladonna, The “Chief”

  • I am liking the show after the initially slow start, but I think John Goodman looks terrible. I was just thinking during last week's episode that he was probably going to die soon.

  • LOVE TREME!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's not for people who watch traditional sitcoms or big hollywood movies. If you're into characters, indie films, and music……. you will love Treme. It makes my day every time.

  • I love Treme. Like The Wire, it's taken me a few episodes to really get into, but hopefully, like The Wire, it will pay off in so many ways! I cannot tell you how many times I say “Fuck you, you fucking fucks!” now. Thanks, John Goodman!

    Please tell me if anyone else is dealing with this problem. It bothers me how much I want to do Sonny. I mean, he is SUCH a douche and I hate him, but he is so freakin' hot. Anyone? Anyone?

  • John, you look great!! Sorry but, fuck you, you fucking fucks! What is the show without you?? I rewatched and sobbed!!!This show is true LIVE to what was going on, I was there each month for 5 year prior to Katrina and 9 months post. What a tribute to a town left behind. John get it but…..I needed you! I LOVE THIS SHOW everyone may not but they don't get what happened. ……and now the BP F.. UP.. Why not close down a great historical town, so many secrets to hide! John take care ….love you!!!