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13Holy Heidi Klum Body!

photo of heidi klum posing almost-nude for german GQ

So, the supermodel-turned-Seal’s-wife-turned-mom of four is taking off her clothes again: this time, for the German edition of GQ.

Klum strips down to her bareness for the July issue of GQ and reportedly impresses the photographers with her insane body contortions and, uh, almost-impossible flexibility. She looks great, and continues to look classy for days. The only negative comment I can bestow upon her, really, is the hair. … I’m just not digging the bangs, Heidi. They do you no justice and they hide your gorgeous face. OK? Let’s not have to have this conversation again, thanks.

Check out photos of Heidi in the gallery and keep it pure; she’s a MILF mom, don’t you know.

June 11, 2010 at 1:25 pm by Sarah
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13 Responses to “Holy Heidi Klum Body!”

  1. margiesque says:

    all this does is remind me of Debbie Harry. Hairstyle makes her look much, much older. And where is the flexibility? I saw nothing that made me go – “wow. she's flexible”

  2. momster says:

    She is a freak! And I mean that in the best possible sense. 4 kids? And seemingly nice as pie? No Diva attitude here – just a woman who works hard, plays well with others, and seems to know how to keep her marriage 'hot.' Can't even hate the bangs..she is just un-hate-able. Unlike Bunchen who just annoys me.

  3. FuckDisqus says:

    She looks strung out and hungry.

  4. Disquiqui says:

    How old is she again?

  5. Rocketdog_77 says:

    Goddamn her. *puts down twinkie*

  6. evilbeetdouche says:

    Nazi, bitch

  7. St. Louis says:

    She needs an ass. Either she is the assless wonder or somebody photoshopped off her butt. Baby got no back.

  8. erwin says:

    Where is her bum? I am pretty sure she has one, so please photoshop it back. Thanks.

  9. Charlie says:

    I adore Heidi Klum I really do but I'm sorry she looks ill here! She is too thin and has seemingly lost her curves which she is famous for (Unless they have been photoshopped out). She always looks gorgeous and never photographs old, but the hair, the weight, everything about these shots just doesn't seem right!

  10. I was just talking with my friend about this the other day at Outback steak house. Don’t know how in the world we got on the subject really, they brought it up. I do remember having a excellent fruit salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

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  12. Shay Okel says:

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  13. Cecil Rebel says:

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