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Lady Gaga is Just Like You

Lady Gaga Loves Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga has a guilty pleasure, and no, it’s not eating chocolate-covered midgets in a bath of milk like you’d think. Lady Gaga is actually somewhat obsessed with a little Taylor Swift song you might have heard on your radio dials a time or two.

Gaga told

I don’t want to hurt her feelings, because she’s lovely. That Taylor Swift song? You Belong with Me? Oh my God! When it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud and I’m so embarrassed! Because I so freely sing it so loud! You can’t help it! The song, it’s not a bad song. It’s a great song! I think it’s just because it’s very whimsical in a way that I’m not necessarily whimsical every day. When it comes on, I just get this… I wanna sing it! Every woman feels that way. So I didn’t mean that in a bad way, Taylor. I think you’re lovely and beautiful, and I think you’re a great songwriter.

Blah, OK, I think Taylor Swift is totally bullshit (never have I seen “the Industry” gather around to suck someone’s dick harder. “No one can say anything mean about Taylor Swift!” Fuck yourselves, she’s a snooze) and I can’t stand her music, but HEY! We’ve all got songs like that. For me, it’s “Heard It All Before” by Sunshine Anderson. That’s my personal “You Belong With Me”. And you know, it’s kind of nice to imagine Lady Gaga singing along to her radio like a normal person.

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  • Molls, I am right there with you girl. I can’t stand her music, it’s total and utter bullshit. She is a complete snooze and doesn’t really have that much singing talent.
    But imagining Lady Gaga singing along to her radio? Priceless.

  • Aw, I like Taylor Swift! Yes her stuff is a bit samey, but sometimes it just hits the spot – like a comforting electric blanket with a southern accent.

    BTW: The world would collectively flip its shit if Taylor and Gaga did a duet. Calling it right now.

  • This website needs to stop posting Lady Gaga posts pointing out how “different” and “weird” she is.

    She is not. She rips off of everyone better than her and is an attention whore.

    Fucking stop it. You’re giving her what she wants.


    • You should really watch at least one bit of this interview… It’ll definitely change your opinion and how you feel about her. She’s genuine and sweet. The crazy outfits and the eccentricity are more than just eye-catching, they have a purpose. She is a lot more than you give her credit for. :)

      • You are right Marcella. People concentrate on her eccentricity but fail to recognize she is a great Italian girl from New York and is very nice, intelligent, and articulate. The interview was the best two hours I’ve spent for a long time.

      • You can’t be an Italian girl from New York. You are an America girl from New York. You are an Italian girl from Roma or Firenza.

      • What a limited definition of identity you project on others. I’m pretty sure every legal citzen of America is comfortable identifying as “American”, but there are many variations of American. And it’s great!!!

  • ‘Taylor Swift’ is bullshit….um ok??? She writes and performs her own music……you write half decent semi witty posts for a blog site. Alright then.

    • She’s 20 years old. Defend her ass-kicking if you will, but don’t let her high-school-princess-pony lyrics confuse you into thinking she’s anywhere near “just a kid” anymore.

  • I like Taylor Swift. She’s very cute with her goldilocks curls and her cat eyes. I’d rather listen to her than Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers.

  • That guy on the right is thinking: “Not sure what this thing is, but we gotta let it through, make way people.”

  • I can’t stand Taylor Swift’s music either. It’s so boring. What is the big deal about her anyway???

  • I will agree and say that I personally find her music annoying, but that is a personal taste, not because it isn’t good… I think she is very talented and I am very happy that she is keeping it real and not other singers like Miley or Lindsey and many others who just seem to do what everyone expects. Taylor is keeping it clean and I’m loving the fact she is. Taylor, Keep doing what your doing, and don’t follow the wrong crowd.