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Gary Coleman’s Parents Don’t Want His Body

Gary Coleman’s parents, Willie and Sue, have withdrawn their bid to take charge of their son’s body. The couple’s lawyer made a statement on their behalf regarding the issue:

“From the start, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman’s intention has been to see that Gary’s wishes be honored and that his affairs be taken care of properly. They wanted to do things the right way, and they urge those still involved to do the same. The Colemans ask that everyone please treat Gary with respect and kindness. They feel it is time for him to find peace and let his spirit go.”

My guess is that Gary’s body will go to his wife, which makes sense considering Gary and his parents weren’t on speaking terms for the better part of his life. With all the deaths that are turned into media circuses, I’m so glad that his family is not prolonging this by creating a battle.

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  • would someone please just put the fucker in the ground so we can all get on with our lives?

    i swear i think you guys have posted more articles on this tool than you did for Michael Jackson. Christ! he was a talentless, wife beating piece of shit.

  • As a small ass muthafucka, not enough to bury, really. Put him and a couple of babies in a grave to save space. Just ask the folks at Metairie Cemetery how to take care of bidness.