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M.I.A. Was Almost a Whore

“I said, ‘If you don’t (accept me), you’re going to change my life completely, because I’m going to go outside and get on the bus, and I’ll be a crackhead prostitute and go to jail. And three years from now, I’ll come out of jail and make the best film.'”

– M.I.A. on how she gained admittance to St. Martin’s college in London.

M.I.A. has been in the press a lot lately, specifically because of a NYT Profile that was recently written published. I want to know where you all stand on her. I think she’s unconventional and occasionally says things that make me question her overall sanity, but I generally find her to be a genius and totally inspirational. What do you think?

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  • I think she’s a hell of a lot smarter than most entertainers, and she’s concerned with issues that are actually important. Plus, she’s talented & beautiful. I love her.

  • I think she’s obnoxious and not overly talented, but then I stop paying attention to her, so she may very well be smart and all the rest. I’m just not into it.

  • If the NYT is involved, it’s last year’s shit and nobody who matters cares.

  • I love her music. She’s a little insane, but I’ve come to the conclusion that genius is at least 10% insanity, sometimes even more. For example, the great poet Lord Byron kept a bear as a pet in college because it was the only animal that was not expressly forbidden by the school. And when the college said he had to get rid of it if he couldn’t prove it served a purpose by being there, he tried to get the bear a fellowship! Yukio Mishima, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in literature a whopping three times, started his own cult of gay body builders and attempted a coup to restore the powers of the emperor in Japan. After making a passionate speech and being mocked by everyone within a 10 mile radius, he committed suicide by disembowelment. He had apparently planned his suicide for a year.

    As Aristotle once said, no great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

  • What’s with her fucking face?

    What’s with her fucking fingers? It looks like there is an inch and a half between each one.

    • How weird is it that she’s engaged to a Bronfman though? That’s a long way from a London housing estate.

      I can never decide whether or not celebrities have a responsibility to become really knowledgeable and informed on current events before they start spouting off about them. God knows I go around spouting ridiculous bullshit all the time, but then the world media isn’t listening to me. It really sounds like she’s not helping the political situation in Sri Lanka; then again, she is passionate about the cause. And she’s a musician, not a politician.

      Whatever, though. Her music is sublime.

  • She supports a Sri Lankan terrorist group that bombs innocent civilians. When she wears shirts with a tiger on it or has that symbol in her videos it’s in support of the terrorist group who also uses the tiger as their symbol. They are called the LTTE. Look them up and you will never support her again as she her self is promoting that kind of violence and terrorism.