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Rihanna Was Killin’ It In Jerusalem, Y’All!

Rihanna's Pimpin All Over The World

It’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with Rihanna’s style, so it should come as no surprise that I am posting fourteen photographs of what she wore while walking around Old Jerusalem with her body guards yesterday. How can you resist her? Even her nails are perfect. That reminds me of a certain song.

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    • u have to open ur mind smetym,wen u travel around d world,u have to know wts their traditional,so rihanna cover her head n wear dt shawl for d respect.

      • Who is she respecting exactly? Whos religion expects her to cover up her hair? Its ignorance.

  • she’s gorgeous and has some of the best looks i’ve ever seen. i love love love rihanna!

  • Really good molls. Rihanna was in Jerusalem and all you have to tell us about it is how great her fucking nails look. Why was she there? Anything? Do you even fucking know?

    It could of been a picture of her in a clock tower on a university campus holding an assault rifle as she is about to start shooting students and all you would have to say is how awesome her nails are.

    man you are such an ass.

  • She is gross. No respect. Can’t sing – walks around a stage and calls it dancing and has the whole devil worship thing going on. Frankly she’s creepy.

  • Wow what a bunch of haters. I don’t love her music but the girl has tons of style and major beauty.