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Dennis Hopper Passes Away

As I’m sure several of you already know, Dennis Hopper died yesterday.  He’d been battling prostate cancer for years, and he passed away from complications of that cancer.  He was 74.

Dennis Hopper is pretty iconic.  With roles in films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Apocalypse Now, and the self-directed Easy Rider (which was also written by Hopper), it’s clear to see why.  As Roy Orbison said when asked about Hopper in Blue Velvet, “it was hard to take your eyes off that character.”  That’s one of the things that makes a great actor, and whatever else can be said about his character off screen, he was a great actor.

My absolute favorite role of Dennis Hopper’s was his character Lefty in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.  I can remember watching it with my father at an age when I was probably too young to be watching those kinds of movies, and laughing and having a fantastic time in general.  When I first saw that Hopper had died, the first image that came to my head was of Lefty with that chainsaw, screaming “I am the lord of the harvest!”  And that’s how I remember him.

What about you guys?  Any significant Dennis Hopper memories?

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      • Anon, if you actually don’t understand my comments then you’re a dunce.

        I rib Sarah for her lack of understanding of the meaning of English words, for her lack of logic in her posts, and early on for her inability to grasp the irony of writing bitchy diatribes on this site all while writing pseudo-feminism on Zelda Lily.

        Since you brought it up, I’ll tell you why it is I do keep returning: I’m waiting for the day that Sasha breaks down and admits that she doesn’t give a shit about the quality of this site so long as she keeps getting page views.

  • This is horrible considering his amazing accomplishments as an actor, but I hear “Dennis Hopper” and I get that stupid Shawn what’s-his-name “Lullabye” song stuck in my head. RIP Dennis Hopper

  • ‘POP QUIZ, HOTSHOT’ is a line I still use to this day. As the years go by, less and less people get the joke, which makes me sad.

  • What about Blue Velvet?

    Raymond: Do you want me to pour it Frank?
    Frank Booth: No I want you to fuck it. Shit, yes, pour the fuckin’ beer!

    RIP Dennis!!!

    • For Christs sake, he didn’t teach people to “get doped” ya dried up old twat. Pull your head out of your ass!!

    • Dennis Hopper was a bullshit, piece-of-shit B movie player who blew chunks as an actor. Sorry kids, you know it’s true.

      • Actually he was quite an actor..always somewhat over the top, but always entertaining.In addition to being a director and dedicated family man,he was a reformed world class drunk & drug abuser. He owned what could be the worlds most comprehensive Chicano art collection.
        Above all else, he was my friend & he will be truly missed in my household.

      • Back atcha ya douche cocksucker. After I pay my respects to the Hopper family in New Mexico, I’m off to Chaco Canyon where I think I’ll eat a couple peyote caps to blow out the tubes. If I remember, I’ll tip a beer in your direction ya heartless fuck!

      • Well said by the guy who is sucking Jesse James’ dick. Not that there is everything wrong with that.

  • my friend informed me of gary coleman and
    this guy going to a horrible place
    and he was like see and one of his friends on facebook
    did the whole rip dennis hopper
    and i was like oh so thats how you get news

  • here is something that NOT many ppl know. Hopper was the only man to be black-balled out of Hollywood and able to make a come back on his own, to the top. Rock on Dennis. you will be missed.

  • He was freaking awesome as Fleck in River’s Edge w/ Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover – GREAT MOVIE!! R.I.P. Dennis!