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Seriously, Nick Jonas?

A photo of Nick Jonas at the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair Party

Sorry about all the theatre updates (both of them), but this is preposterous.  Nick Jonas is going to be Marius in Les Miserables on the West End.  And if those specifics don’t mean anything to you and therefore don’t make you laugh hysterically like I did, then I’ll just say a Jonas brother is doing a musical and leave it at that, and hopefully you can have a giggle.

I’m not a big fan of the JoBros, I don’t know if you could tell.  But I am a huge fan of Les Miserables, and if I got a ticket to see this show and some stalkerish preteen fangirls were all screaming for Nick Jonas while he’s trying to sing his beautiful Marius songs in Act II, I would not be pleased.  I get pissed when people text during shows, but if there were Jonas Brothers crazies next to me?  I just shudder to think, I really do.

Keep it on the Disney channel, Nick Jonas.  Keep your shit contained.

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  • I know what I’d want to do if some fangirl went wild during a theater production, but I’d probably do the right thing and ask an usher to escort her out. If that didn’t work, I’d contemplate tearing her a new one during intermission.

  • Actually, Nick Jonas started out on Broadway. He was doing that stuff when he was about twelve. :/

  • I actually don’t read evil beet like I used to, but thought I’d give it a shot today. I’m reminded why I left. The writing is just not what it used to be. This story is old for starters and to insinuate that is all Nick is capable of just proves even further that you don’t appear to be paying attention. Nick is the reason the Jonas Brothers even exist. He started on broadway at age 7 and therefore probably has more experience and maturity at his chosen profession at 17 than you do at yours as an adult. I am not necessarily a fan, but I am a mom who did some background before I decided if I wanted my kid being influenced in any way by the JoBros. I made myself aware of the story BEFORE I made my opinion and there’s alot more to the these kids. Opinions are one thing… hating with an obvious lack of knowledge is another. I miss Beet…

      • Yes-you wrote it just right. I’m an adult fan and I know Nick is a song writing genius. Also that he has Broadway experience, and I don’t read Beet much because of this kind of write up that is not funny, entertaining or correct.
        Zack Taylor beats them anyday.

      • Nick a song writing genius? I love the Jonas Brothers, but that is a ridiculous statement. It is awesome that their music is original, but his songwriting is the weak link as often as it is not, come now.

  • i find the lady behind him funny – it looks like she is a demon whispering naughties into his ear!

  • Ummm in your face! He did a damn good job, and the “stalkerish fans” have respect, okay? They’re not just psycho and crazy 24/7. They all behaved appropriately during performances and Nick did a phenomenal job as Marius. So shut up.

  • I just saw the 25h anniversary concert on PBS. I won’t comment on his acting because I didn’t see enough to form much of an opinion in the concert setting. His voice, however, was not even close to the same league as the other singers. There is a nice quality to his voice but obviusly lacks the training (needs legato line, proper vowel formation and support) too much neck, jaw tension etc. It’s sad he was given the role, most probably to sell the show to screaming teenaged girls. I did the research too and see he has had broadway experience, however it’s his fame that got him the part. I know singers at my local conservatory that can sing rings around him. The pop sound has a place, in many musicals too but NOT in Les Mis. Just my two cents.

  • I have the 25th anniversary blu ray. When I received it and noticed Nick’s name on the cover I cringed. If I’d noticed it before buying it I doubt I would have at all.

    Nick is

  • I have the 25th anniversary blu ray. When I received it and noticed Nick’s name on the cover I cringed. If I’d noticed it before buying it I doubt I would have at all.

    Nick is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of his league doing Marius. But thankfully, it was “only” Marius and not Javier or Jean Valjean. I would have sent it back and demanded Amazon refund every penny.

    He has no power in his voice at all. If you listen when several leads are singing, you can pick out the individual voices but can’t even hear Nick.

    I also noticed at the end, when the 1985 cast came out, Nick was not singing his part with counterparts. I can only assume they decided to NOT let him, because it would show off just how horrible he is compared to them.

    Nick has a pleasant voice, but he needs a LOT more training if he wants to sing with these people. Even the little kids singing Gavroche and young Cosette had more power and clarity than Nick.

    He needs to stick to singing to the 13 year olds.