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Justin Bieber Not Only Has a Really Unfortunate Haircut, He Also Appears to Be a Quite the Bitch, Too

photo of justin bieber in white shirt performing music

While touring Sydney, Australia, Justin Bieber stopped to do a quick, on-the-fly interview for an early morning show called Sunrise, and based on what some say, didn’t take too well to the foreign hospitality. Eyewitnesses state that Bieber told a floor manager who took his arm or touched his back or something to guide him to where he needed to go, “Don’t ever fucking touch me again.”

Koch, who is co-host for Sunrise spoke to radio station Mix FM and admitted that the Bieb is a pretty big baby-bitch prick:

“We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy,” Koch said. “Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to Nick and said ‘don’t ever f**king touch me again’ and Nick went ‘What?’ … And then his sound guy, his audio guy said ‘don’t take offence [sic] mate he tells us that all the time.”

But don’t worry about baby Biebs and his fan following, he’s got all of that under control and takes to his Twitter account to try and minimize the damage:

“Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time … I was raised to respect others and not gossip … nor answer gossip with anger … I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

Yeah, so much for Bieber Fever. See what happens when someone gains fame from being a whiny, narcissistic tool on YouTube? You’ve all been duped by a snot-nosed kid that’s clearly a poor man’s Taylor Hanson.

Baby Bieber FAIL.

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  • Totally agree with you on this. And i seriously keep thinking that if he had gone to Justin Timberlake instead of im-better-than-god Usher, he would have turned out very very differently. Doesn’t surprise me at all that he thinks he’s all that, considering who his mentor is.

  • Ugh – can we vote him of this site please? I thought this was a celebrity gossip site….there isn’t a chance in hell that any of this little tool’s fanbase visits this site – why do we have to talk about him? Vote this little bitch off, please!

  • I can’t wait to see his first arrest photo, or even better, a photo of his bitch-buddies carrying his damn casket.

  • I fucking hate this kid and seriously can’t wait till this ‘flash in the pan’ if over! I’ll never listen to his shitty music! Peace out, baby bitch bieber!

  • He is wise to not let those funny ‘guys or gals’ in show business ever touch him. SAVE BRITNEY.. bury Mushmouse Miley.

  • He came to visit my hometown for the Juno awards. A friend of mine saw him in the lobby of a hotel and asked for an autograph, Justin put his hand up in her face and said “not right now”. The best part is she was one of the only people there asking for an autograph at the time. What an ass!

  • i hope this stuff isn’t true. but i wonder if these stories aren’t exaggerated by ppl looking to bash a young kid.. howie mandel doesn’t like to shake hands, but no one judges him b/c he has issues with germs. maybe biebs doesn’t like being touched. i don’t either, by ppl i don’t know, it’s creepy.

    • It’s the manner he said it in. If he did have any phobia I’m sure people would have been notified beforehand. He’s a brat, full stop.

  • This kid has no respect for anyone. I watched a few interviews and he looks down to everyone. He thinks his shit dont stink. This is why its important to be modest. He should just go back to school and get a brain and while hes at it pick up some manners.

  • you people seriously need a life! you’re hating on a 16 year old! like seriously! just leave him the eff alone, he hasn’t done anything to any of you people!

  • I cannot WAIT for him to grow up and fade into Aaron Carter obscurity…I hope and pray he does anyhow lol.

    Or dies young. xP

    Also please don’t compare him to Taylor Hanson, because there is no comparison there.

  • this is a 16 year who looks like a lesbian. like what the fuck? how does that even happen. this kid is gross i don’t care how well he sings – not that i would know. i just see his fuct face everywhere and am sick of it and killing a few precious minutes saying so here. what’s the big deal? he’s not the first or the last.
    and what the hell are little girls into these days??? like i would question my daughter’s sexuality if she was into this kid. i love lesbians i’m just saying…

  • :( If you’re going to link back to a previous post, at least make sure the link is still relevant. The video’s been taken down.. like so many of the videos on Evil Beet nowadays. :( :(

  • justin bieber is not a b#$%*, and he would never drop the f-bomb on anyboby.Maybe you stupid people can't see that but he is about the cutest and sweetest guy i've ever heard of,and here's to all of the so called “people” next time you post something about Justin Bieber you should look in the mirror to see who the actual b#$%* realy is.

  • What’s with that STUPID sissy haircut? Is that what the little girlies like? God, fame or no fame, I wouldn’t let ANYONE do that to my hair. What a pussy! Can’t stand the little flash in the pan..