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Dina Lohan Admits She Helped Her Daughter Avoid Arrest

Dina Helps Lindsay Break the Law

There’s absolutely no question that Lindsay Lohan’s so fucked up because of her parents, specifically her enabler of a mother, Dina. I don’t know if Dina’s trying to keep her daughter crazy, but that’s ultimately what she’s doing. In an interview with RadarOnline, Dina admitted that the whole “Lindsay lost her passport and can’t leave France” thing was just a lie to keep her from getting arrested once she touched back down in the states. Disgusting.

Dina told Radar:

“We did what we had to do to protect her. We did that for court purposes and the warrant purposes. To clear all that up before she hits American soil, which we have done, so she is now able to come. There was no music to face. We were dealing with issues to get her back safely — without an arrest and vacate the warrant. And that takes time, that doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of phone calls, a lot of people involved and a lot of decisions being made. So we did what we had to do to protect her…The judge is making an example out of her because of her celebrity status, which I don’t think is fair.”

“There was no music to face”, as if accountability is really such a bad thing, Dina. Ugh. And I’d like to argue that the judge is not making an example of Lindsay due to her “celebrity status”. Most people who’ve gotten two DUIs and get caught with narcotics on them within a two-month span not only serve some jail time, but their license is taken away for years.  Lindsay was quite famously ushered in and out of jail in less than an hour and I still see that little monster out on the road all the time. Lindsay’s celebrity status/money/constant tabloid presence has only helped her throughout this entire process. If everyone with a DUI could escape to France and have their legal team do their dirty work, then the roads would have five times as many drunk drivers, dontcha think?

I really hope that there’s some way that Dina can be held accountable for helping her daughter evade arrest and then flat-out admitting to it in an interview. The Lohans think they’re above the law and it’s dangerous.

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  • Yeah, wow. It seems like there’d be some sort of charge that Dina could get for participating in what could be considered similar to “running from the police.”
    I am a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan and I think that she’s a very talented actress (Hello, Parent Trap and Mean Girls), but honestly I think she should serve jail time. She needs to be held accountable or else she will never learn. The girl needs help, and she’s clearly not getting it from her parents (or at least not the right kind of help), so I hope the judge will help her, by making her face the consequences of her actions.

  • No.. frankly lindsay messed up and into freak-out, shocking gossip, up to the final end of her young wasted life is going to be a profitable income for mom in books, articles and talk shows etc. I think mama has it in for her mean and spiteful daughter who hit and punished her throughout her spoiled and reckless life before she became independent; or perhaps Mom is privately jealous her daughter made it to a certain celebrity status and then quickly lost her status and credibility and wasted millions on herself, that mom wanted, before she could greatly benefit from her coat tails.

  • Holy crap-a-doodle. Her Mom says she did all that to protect her???
    How totally f****d up can you get with that twisted mentality.
    No wonder poor Lindsay is so screwed up, there’s no decent moral compass to follow in her family.

    The only way that girl will ever get her head on straight is to cut ties with every enabler in her life, stop partying, and start doing some intensive 10 day self-help workshops like and

  • cant dina and lindsay get into trouble for saying what can only be contemplated as a confession on the radio?

  • I still see that little monster out on the road all the time

    while i agree with most of your points, you should get your facts straight- LL is not driving around, and if you see her you should a) alert the authorities; B) seek professional help ( it’s not called hallucinations without reason, ya know)