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Alec Baldwin > Betty White?

Last night, Alec Baldwin hosted the 35th season finale of Saturday Night Live.  I’m not sure when I started liking Alec Baldwin, but it happened and I don’t know how I feel about it.  Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were there too, so it was a double dose of goodness.

By the way, I don’t really believe Alec Baldwin is greater than Betty White.  She’ll always be my favorite.

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  • He wasn’t as good or near to the level of Betty Whitem but he was decent.
    The digital short was AWESOME though. XD

  • Please consider Canadian and International viewes when posting videos.. we cannot access these videos if we are outside the US…

  • oh please, this whole betty white lovefest only started 10 minutes ago.

    where were all these fans of hers 2 yrs ago.

    she does a super bowl commercial and then 20 somethings everywhere are claiming to be her lifelong fans. I don’t get it.

    baldwin has always been a cool bastard.

    • Agreed! Golden Girls ended when I was, like, 3. Maybe 4. And Mary Tyler Moore ended when my mother was like 4, maybe 5. I still don’t understand what she did that makes everyone think she’s so special.

      • She’s still alive. That’s it.the older you get the more people are amused by it. It’s like you hope it’ll be you. Esp when you’re 40, and you still have 50 years left as in her case. Instead of 30.

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