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Tom Cruise’s New Stylist!

Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise made an appearance on Oprah yesterday where he revealed that his four-year-old daughter Suri dictated the fashion in his house, selecting dresses for Katie Holmes to wear at award ceremonies and telling Cruise what to wear.  She’s been doing a pretty good job – when was the last time you looked at Tom Cruise and thought he was insane based on his clothing choices?

Say what you will about the Cruise family being crazy, but Suri is fucking adorable.  Bunny ears and shit.  Precious!

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    • grow the fuck up! either you’re twelve and aren’t used to hearing the FUCK word or you’re prude religious type and it’s against your religion – in either case, you shouldn’t be here, didn’t church tell you that gossip is bad for your personal relationship with your maker?

      FUCK, man.

      • I couldn’t fucking agree more Jules. I look forward to buttfucking you in fucking Hell.

  • She’s adorable (and knows it) and in control (and knows it) and seems to get everything she wants.
    And she is four years old.
    Can you imagine the hellion she will likely be in about ten years (or less)?

  • The bunny ears are there to cover the horns. She is gonna be trouble. Wait and see.