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Courtney Love Meets Raccoon, Falls in Love With Raccoon, Bores Offspring of Raccoon and Voila … Taylor Momsen

Taylor throws her hotel’s food prep practices under the bus, drops the “shit” bomb on early-morning television, clears her throat a lot and blinks a whole shitload during her interview with Britain’s This Morning.

I guess I have to give her more credit than I have in the past … I mean, she’s not so drug-addled (yet) that she can’t string a coherent sentence together; she’s actually kind of well-spoken and bright, but I have a feeling she’s going to grate on my nerves for many years to come. The girl’s not stupid and she knows what she wants to do in life, but she tries so fucking hard. Yeah, she’s sixteen, but come on. “Pretentious asshole” knows no age. She’d probably be a real big pain in the ass to be friends with or worse, have in your family.

Welcome to Taylor Momsen’s world … hardcore warbling and dressing like it’s a New York City nightclub appearance even during sunny morning shows.

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  • I think you mean “bore” offspring not “bores” offspring?

    not sure though.

    any help grammar nazi’s?

    • And you are numero uno Hoover. So hilarious to hear you preach about not hating!!! Guess your lobotomy procedure went well.

  • oh my god!!!!!!! have you seen her video???
    so number 1, she can sing, i’ll give her that but you know what is really disturbing???? her band mates are like 3 30-year-old dudes, they look like such perverts around her!! i thought her band were a bunch of 17-18 year old disturbed and dumb-ass girls but those guys??
    number 2, what is up with the clothes she’s wearing in the video? what kind of band mate is letting her do such an ass of her self? again if these were all stupid girls i’d understand but those dudes are supossed to know better.(besides the name of the band is a girly name)

    and finally, eventhough i kind of liked the rythm in the song i can NOT feel any kind of connection to the lyrics of the song… only emo girls can i guess…AAAGHH SHE IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not too sure what was actually said in this interview because I kept tearing up looking at her fake eyelashes. The constant blinking like she was uncomfortable with them on, too, didn’t help.

  • racoon eyes…when u are at a club you can pull it off, but in the morning? she looks like roadkill. cant wait to see her face in 20 years, she´ll have massive wrinkles because of all the make-up…

  • I think at that age, if my school and parents weren’t telling me to do, and I felt that confident about my body… I would have worn crap like that every. single. day. I think we’re all forgetting that at 16 she very talented, articulate and driven. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to feel like they need to look “like themselves” a.k.a. baby clown whores at all times regardless of time or event. So for what it’s worth, I’m really impressed by her. I think we all need to consider the stupid shit we wore, before criticizing someone for trying to express their individuality while growing up in the public eye.