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Are Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron Hooking Up?

If so, God … this could be the best thing that’s ever happened to Reeves‘ career! You go, boy!

The folks at TMZ caught quite a lip-lock gropefest that occurred between the two after dinner together last night in Beverly Hills. I just can’t imagine this not being real, especially if someone like the A-listed Theron was willing to appear groping and nuzzling the likes of Keanu Reeves in public while rocking back and forth like tenth-grade sweethearts. In Beverly Hills, of all places.

If y’all want to lead such private lives, you better keep it in your pants in public, man. Those TMZ bastards are fucking everywhere.

Vid courtesy of TMZ

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  • Keanu and Charles Theron, maybe. But, Keanu and Charlize Theron, romantically involved? — I have trouble believing that.
    They’re probably just old friends from back in the day when they filmed The Devil’s Advocate together, with Pacino.

  • That didn’t strike me as groping and nuzzling. More like old friends saying farewell after an evening together.

  • This website is consistently late on celeb gossip except for when they rip it directly off TMZ.

    Why bother coming here? Might as well just go to TMZ and get it right from the source.

    (Nope, I have nothing to do with TMZ. Just fed up with the lack of quality on this site in the last year).

    • Because unlike TMZ this place uses smart funny writers and people like coming here and have done since its inception a few years ago. Piss off to TMZ and enjoy your bland scoop, I’ll quite happily wait a little longer for the quality to improve on my news.

    • no, you’re not affiliated with TMZ, You’re just an idiot that loves to blog-stalk and spread hate all over the place because you have no life. We come here because the writing is personable and witty. TMZ is a news source, (although less revered) similar to the New York Times and the Washington Post and if not for spin-offs like various blogs, there’d only be about four read publications in the country.

      hardly surprising coming from you, though, you’re the one who blasts racial epithets about segregation and jewish people all over a jewish woman’s blog.

      here for everyone to read:

      yes youare officially an asshole.

      • i get how he is an asshole yet those are HIS opinions. u are the bigger asshole who stalks him to prove a point. what happened to anonymous comments? now every time i post do i have to be afraid because of the stalkers this site breeds?

    • I was just going to say the same thing! Why do you people post shit that has been posted by TMZ already? We ALL go there first for breaking news.We come here to tell Molls what a shit hole she is and see what other posts you have hacked.

  • Keanu, just a bit of advice. Do not ask Charlize for a blow job at a rest stop along a Florida interstate.

    • He won’t, cause he’s a fag. Not being judgmental, that’s just how the boy rolls.