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James Franco, You’re Not Looking So Hot. But I’m Not Going to Go and Assume That You’re Experimenting With Intravenous Drugs, Though.

Franco was recently photographed and he totally looked worse for the wear. According to Fame Pictures, speculation is being generated by his run-down, tired-looking appearance and they’re insinuating — gasp! — drug use:

“Pineapple Express” actor James Franco’s appearance at the “Saturday Night” premiere in New York City, New York on May 2, 2010 stirred up quite a few questions concerning the star’s well being. The usually strapping young performer showed up to the event looking sweaty, unfocused and could hardly keep his eyes open. Franco has always been an advocate of recreational marijuana use, but his thin frame and frighteningly questionable marks on his middle arm makes one wonder if he hasn’t started dabbling in something harder.

Wow, Fame Pictures.  Way to stir some shit up.

Check out the gallery photos which are depicting Franco as a sweaty, “unfocused,” drug addict, rather than the Yale-PhD-seeking A-lister that he’s, uh, “pretending” to be.

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