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Lisa Rinna’s Lips Look Like Slabs of Undercooked Liver, But It’s Alright, ‘Cause She’s Cool With It

And piss off and expect a really long backlash if you don’t agree!

Rinna wigged out on one of her Twitter followers for saying that she had horrible lips. The heckler stated:

“Sorry Lisa, but your lips look awful…how on Earth do you think that looks good?”

Rinna then responded:

“Shame on you! How rude! If you cannot say anything nice then don’t say anything at all!!”


” … as a group, we must stop cyber bullying. It’s not right.”

And she didn’t even let it go there:

“I’m a big girl I can handle the haters BUT what about our young people who can’t and it destroys their self esteem?!! This must stop!”

I’m not saying I disagree with the anti-bullying sentiment, because I think bullying is totally out of control these days, but … Uh, Lisa, you make it sound like you were born with those lips and that it’s not your fault that they look like lopsided labia superglued to your jaw. I just can’t take your back on this one.  You have stupid-looking lips and it’s because you made them that way.  Get the fuck over it.

PS – This is what Lisa’s totally going to look like in ten years.

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  • what about the self esteem issues associated with not liking your own body and using plastic surgery as a crutch to deal with it?

  • The lips look like the remains of a guy I saw on Dr. G. who died in a stump grinding accident.

  • I know the point of the little video thing at the top is to get in my way and see the product they’re selling, but it’s *supremely* annoying. I can’t read the titles on the posts until the stupid video is over. If I can’t read the headline, how do I know I care enough to read the entry? It just makes me want to click away… and that is the opposite of what you want ads to do on your site, drive people away.

    • I agree.
      Another thing i’ve always wondered about is who clicks on those ads that block the pics intentionally…they are so fucking obnoxious that i too give up even clicking through all the photos just so i don’t have to deal with them.

  • Just watched tonights episode of Community on NBC and Lisa was the guest star. I gasped when they showed her. She looks even worse than she did when on Dancing With The Stars. Those whacked out lips, that burlap skin, the hair! I’m gonna have nightmares. Why do people do this to themselves? If you think Lisa has gone too far, have you seen the once beautiful Hunter Tylo on The Bold and The Beautiful? Instead of looking younger, she looks 10 years older.

    • Forgot to mention: the episode of Community, Lisa plays a mom who promotes bullying. She drops her high school aged son and his friends off at community college where they harass two of the main characters. She later eggs them on. So, even though it’s just a tv show, isn’t she promoting bullying by playing the part? Bullying of any kind is wrong unless you are getting a paycheck, right Lisa? I think you can watch it on or at

  • Although Lisa is a really great example of puffy lip syndrome I honestly do not get why all these actresses pump up their lips in a blatantly fake manner.
    It’s like stuffing a pillow under your shirt to give the look of big boobs even though it’s obviously fake!
    Every time I look at Mary McCormack on In Plain Sight that’s all I see are badly done lips when the old ones were just fine.

    Is this the female version of the comb-over?

  • She overdid both upper and lower lips and has so much filler she looks as old as Joan Rivers. What is attractive about being so puffy?