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“Bob is not authentic at all. He’s a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I. Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point.”

-Joni Mitchell, going after Bob Dylan and Madonna in an LA Times interview this week.

Damn, Joni Mitchell. Damn.

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  • Bob Dylan is the anti-Christ and Madonna is the whore of Babylon. Gosh, I feel so much better now. Thanks, Joni.

    • i agree about that photo – who the hell is that? And Joni is probably right about Bob Dylan.

  • I love Joni Mitchell. She’s right , Madonna and Bob Dylan are not real artists and are full of themselves and shit. Maybe Dylan was a one point, but not anymore. Besides, his son Jakob pretty much recked his credibility with that stupid band. Joni is one of the few real singer and songwriters out there.

  • Joni Mitchell (not pictured above) has been a bore since 1976. The string of albums from Ladies of the Canyon (1970) to Court And Spark (1974) however are definitive and nothing short of amazing.

    While Madonna may not be as much a “musical artist” – her contributions are (given a longer peak period – though perhaps not as high) even stronger than Joni.

    Dylan kicks everyone’s ass.

  • LA Times photo caption: WITH LOVE: Actor John Kelly portrays the singer-songwriter in his tribute “Paved Paradise” at the Renberg Theatre. Even Joni Mitchell herself likes it. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

    • clearly molls does not know who Joni Mitchell is, that is the only way she could have confidently posted that pic.
      or maybe she is burnt from toking it up to much.

  • Molls, you are a fucking idiot if you think that’s Joni Mitchell. Why do they even let you post on here?

  • Aww Molls, try again. It’s interesting seeing how some of the old schoolers just come out with the truth train. A’la Tori Amos. I say burn for Madonna, step off Dylan.

  • Never mind the picture, that wasn’t the point.

    Accusations don’t make her look any better. I like early Dylan, I like early Mitchell. But I don’t like bitter old people trying to rewrite the history… Every artist is a plagiarist. And words like deception, authentic? She must get no attention at all these days…

  • I like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Madonna. They are all artists just different types. Joni and Dylan have written and performed some beautiful music. Madonna is an awesome dancer and performer, a mediocre singer and fabulous entertainer. She was to liberated women what Elvis was to rock and roll.

    • Because no one at this site gives a fuck. It is ALL about money here. As long as Beets hit tally remains high the advertisers fork over the dough and Beet can remain the child we so often see in her inane and sadly sophomoric videos. She used to be a software programmer for the defense industry (fighter planes). She got fired though when a U.S. fighter pilot engaged his missile defense systems and a Sponge Bob cartoon began playing on his HUD.