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Is Kate Hudson Pregnant? Moreover, Do We Care?

I’ve kind of lost track of Hudson since she played Penny Lane in Almost Famous. It’s been that long since she’s really piqued any kind of interest on my celebrity radar. But since her “boobs” are such a high point of contention this week, I thought I’d bring it to the “who gives a fuck” table to see who, indeed, actually gives said fuck.

Hudson was photographed earlier this week and because her chest was a bit fuller than normal, the tabloids naturally began to wonder if she got a boob job. I’ll say: I saw the photos in question and if she did get a tit job, they were itty-bitty titties from the bargain basement — bitches were are small. But if that is the case, good for her for not pulling a Heidi “Quadruple J” Montag.  Subtlety is nice.

However, since the actress obviously isn’t owning up to a brand-new set of silicone sag-wagons, no one can really prove whether or not she had the boobs done. Because of this fact — and because her little tummy’s looked kind of swollen in the last few photos taken —  the rumor mill’s starting to grind out The Obligatory Pregnancy Rumor.

So, if you care … Boobs, bloat, baby or bullshit?

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