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22Mo’Nique’s Abusive Brother Apologizes After 30 Years

Today’s Oprah is sure to be one that you’re not going to want to miss. After 30 years of denying that he molested his Oscar-winning sister Mo’Nique, her brother Gerald Imes sat down with the queen of daytime to come clean. Gerald admits to first abusing himself, then turning to drugs and alcohol before eventually molesting Mo’Nique, who spoke out about her abuse several times while promoting Precious.

Mo’Nique’s parents, who allowed Gerald to move back in with them only one month after the abuse came to light, sat in the audience throughout the interview and also spoke with Oprah. Her mother admits that it was painful to have Mo speak public about the abuse she endured and felt that it was a private family matter. Mo’Nique and her parents haven’t spoke in over two and a half years, if that tells you anything.

Gerald is quoted as saying at the start of his interview, “I’m here today to acknowledge that I’ve been in denial for over 30 years. I just want to say I’m sorry,” but I’m thinking that this wont be enough to bring his sister back in to his life. This doesn’t seem like a particularly famewhore-y move on the family’s part, especially after their daughter has been so open about her side of the story in recent years, but I’m expecting for it to be full of lots of interesting information about a story that’s had a few big questions left unanswered.

April 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm by Molls
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22 Responses to “Mo’Nique’s Abusive Brother Apologizes After 30 Years”

  1. beh says:

    Eeeeef, what’s with all that incest lately? So gross.

    • Anonymous says:

      The celebrity world doesn’t account for the whole world, moron. Incest has been happened openly and secretively for decades.

  2. ceci says:

    poor mo´nique, not only does it suck to be molested but to have your parents saying that u shoudnt have talked about it because it was a private matter-when they did nothing to support and get you out of that situation is just horrible.
    maybe, just maybe who really knows, that is why mo´nique is in an open relationship with her husbend, where he can cheat but she never does…

  3. Rachael says:

    Oh, but lookie, her legs are totally shaved!


    Also Molls, I’m a gonna be in LA for 4 dayz. Super psyched. Thought you knew!

  4. anonymous says:

    people that allow their child to remain in harms way when they know the truth (especially) when it comes to sexual and physical abuse are evil.
    Monique has every right to speak about her experiences….instead of the mother saying it should have remained private, she should only be blaming herself because it happened under her own nose.
    BTW way is “being in denial” the new excuse/or condition for being a liar.

    Good for Monique that she cut them out of her life.

  5. evilbeetdouche says:

    Mo’Nique is French Canadian for “I am made from meat byproducts.”

  6. Good Lord says:

    The several million cubic feet of shiny fabric, her red hair flowing upward, the many mooring lines hanging off of her……

    My God it’s like May 6th, 1937 all over again….


  7. Big Daddy says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t accept this kind of behavior at all but I watched the show and that’s not what I understood her mother to say. I understood her to say that they would have liked to known that she was going public with the news and the reason she doesn’t have anything to do with the family has to do with a different situation…

    • melissa says:

      i’m sure that the molestation only scratches the surface of what she put up with in her family. After all her own brother claims to have been abused so it is very possible that there was a cycle of abuse which often accompanies a very painful childhood. The “different situation” could be related somehow to who her parents are as people.

      Also @Molls

      why did you put such a bad photo of her with this type of post? There have been plenty lovely ones available with the Oscars and all.
      poor taste.

      • Sass says:

        “Also @Molls

        why did you put such a bad photo of her with this type of post? There have been plenty lovely ones available with the Oscars and all.
        poor taste.”

        I second that. I guess sometimes Molls cant fight off The Catty.

    • Alicia Schmidt says:

      Big Daddy-that was what they were saying, but she owes them nothing…she was the victim & she can handle it as she sees fit. Why should she run it by them? They didn’t do her any favors by keeping the brother in the household after he molested her. Oh and the different situation? Yeah, that must have something to do with the fact that they are TEAM BROTHER. Turn around & don’t ever look back Mo!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. XYZ says:

    How sweet… Isnt his place in jail for life?

  10. Dizz says:

    The photo looks like she is Beyonce’s much older, much fatter, sister.

  11. DarkEmpress says:

    Molls that photo was just mean especially when you consider the situation you are writing about.

  12. Blank Stare says:

    When I saw your photo I was super psyched that Janet Jackson was touring again!

  13. Alicia Schmidt says:

    Ummm, yeah, that was the shittiest apology I have ever seen. I had a sick feeling watching the show, I felt like the brother was arrogant & had an “she needs to get over it attitude.” And the parents? Are you kidding? “They went on like everthing was okay?” Like, I know you are old, but really? She was blaming herself & was in a great deal of pain. He was still in the household. How did you want her to act. It is clear to me why she has no contact with them. It’s almost as if the victim in this case is wrong because she can’t get passed it. Pffft, Mo’nique keep your money & yourself far away from these folks.

  14. toonsis says:

    How sad. Hearing that makes her performance in Precious all the more powerful as it was coming from a very real place.

  15. The only reason why he’s doing this now, is because he is a fame whore. His sister is at her peak right now because of Precious, and now is the perfect time for him to come out and say “Look at me OPRAH, I am sorry”

    I don’t agree in what he did to his sister, I just think he should have come out along long time ago.

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