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Jennifer Garner is 38 Years Old?!

In what, dog years? I wouldn’t have put it past her to be late twenties, early thirties, easily. Damn, does she look fab.

Garner turned 38 this past weekend and celebrated with her daughter, Violet, on Friday afternoon. The star took time out of her busy schedule to sit for a pedicure with her four year-old daughter. On Saturday, the Garn hosted a party in the home she shares with Ben Affleck. It was said that her long-time friends, Reese Witherspoon, Tobey Maguire, Jimmy Kimmel, Molly Sims and Jason Bateman joined her for her birthday celebration.

No word on if Affleck was in attendance. No news I’ve seen claims that he specifically wasn’t, but no one has confirmed that he definitely was, either. Douche probably locked himself in the gardener’s shed with a bottle of Jim Beam while watching The Wedding Planner, Gigli and Enough.

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