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Britney Spears Demo Leaks From Her Blackout Days

The song’s called “Dramatic” and while I’m generally a Brit fan, it’s understandable why this song didn’t make it to the 2007-released Blackout album. I think Blackout was, by far and to date, Britney’s best compilation. This might have worked well as a “secret song” on the Baby One More Time album, but as far as I’m concerned it had no place on Blackout.


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  • Yeah, I’m a Britney fan but I don’t like this song.

    It’s got a bland sound to it.

    Her unedited voice however, and the “baby fuck you” are amazing

  • I agree about the song being too bland. A bit forgettable.

    BUT, I love B no matter what. Bitch is awesome.

  • Wow I could have sworn that song was about ten minutes long. I can see why they didn’t include it. I think Blackout was pretty good, but in terms of singles I think “Circus” was one of her best songs ever. I should say “their’ since it’s obviously a ginormous team behind each album/song….but you get what I mean. And I still never tire of “If U Seek Amy” for some reason.

  • I don’t have much of an opinion on this song, but I will say that in my opinion Blackout was definitely not her best album to date.

  • I downloaded this song a whileeee ago off of ares, but it was actually a verson with Heidi Montag…And it was terrible. So when I saw this now, I was waiting listening to see if her parts would play.